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We constantly strive to adapt to current consumer trends, which is why Lesaffre offers a comprehensive and varied line of blends to meet the needs of professional bakers and chefs. Blends are ready-to-use mixes combining yeast, sourdough starters and bread improvers. They can be used to make a wide range of breads, pizzas and sweet specialty goods. This provides creative solutions for bakers that are extremely easy-to-use.

Blends: innovative combinations of bread-making ingredients

These modern, innovative blends combine a selection of Lesaffre’s specialized ingredients in a single product:

  • fermentation agents;
  • flavor ingredients;
  • functional formulations.

Pre-dosed to be mixed directly with flour and water, these sensory ingredients yield standardized dough that is easy to work. The same dough can be used in multiple recipes, according to the baker’s needs and their customers’ wishes.

Customizing bakery production and satisfying consumers

Specially developed for bakery professionals, our blends interweave baking technology with ease of use, in a solution never before seen on the market. Bakers customize their production according to demand, but also their own inspiration, allowing them to prepare a wide variety of baking ingredients for bread to satisfy their end clients with a broad selection of finished products.
In this way, blends can respond to trends in consumption patterns in many different countries, in a fast-changing sector in which consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to product quality, freshness and regularity.

A simple, economical and reliable solution for all baking professionals

  • Ease-of-use : Pre-dosing the ingredients limits the risk of error and saves time during the preparation of different bread products. With a packet of blend for each mixer, the bread-making process is easier: just add flour and water for delicious final products.
  • Premium quality : Every baking ingredient is rigorously selected and inspected to ensure product uniformity. This solution is the fruit of Lesaffre’s expertise in bread formulation and baking techniques.
  • Creativity and customization : Using the same blend, bakers can create an assortment of different products by following the recipes provided by Lesaffre’s teams of specialists (formulators and baking technicians). And by giving free rein to their imaginations and expertise, they can customize and diversify their baking ingredients. Each quantity added to the mixer is controlled, in the interest of optimal, uniform appearance, volume, texture and taste.

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