Lesaffre set the global standard for yeast and other fermentation products. The company designs, manufactures and markets solutions that promote baking, nutrition and health

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Nutrition & Health

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Animal Health & Nutrition

Phileo is the Lesaffre's animal health & nutrition business unit


LFA’s products offer an excellent means of boosting productivity

Widely recognized as a leading player in the animal feed market, Phileo designs, develops and markets a range of products, all derived from fermentation processes.  It meets even the most demanding requirements of the mass consumption markets and actively works to promote the wellbeing of animals.

These natural yeast-based additives contribute to the animal’s health, helping you to get the most from feed and promoting optimal breeding performance.

Ensuring the wellbeing of an animal involves:

  • Improving the overall intestinal bacteria balance,
  • Reducing digestive problems
  • A lower risk of acidosis,
  • An improved bodily condition
  • Better digestibility,
  • A reduction in the humidity of bedding resulting in lower stress levels.

Phileo’s products offer an excellent means of boosting productivity:

  • For pigs:LFA’s products offer an  excellent means of boosting productivity
    • Improved daily weight gain,
    • A reduction in the mortality rate
    • Reduced weight loss among lactating sows,
    • Increased milk production
    • A higher number of weaned piglets
  • For cattle:LFA’s products offer an  excellent means of boosting productivity
    • Increased milk production
    • Improvements in milk quality
    • Improved growth
    • Heavier carcasses offering improved conformity and a greater financial yield,
    • An improved food conversion ratio…
  • For poultry:LFA’s products offer an  excellent means of boosting productivity
    • An improved laying percentage,
    • Improved egg mass
    • Improved growth
    • A reduced mortality rate




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Lesaffre is seen as a reference in the yeast and bread-making fields. Its knowledge of yeast and its expertise in the fermentation have encouraged the Lesaffre group to establish a presence in the emerging human and animal nutrition markets.