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Contract fermentation services

saftollSaftoll provides manufacturers of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products with the very best of Lesaffre’s acquired know-how in the fermentation field.

Safisis is a fermentation specialist, and has a highly skilled team drawn from a number of fields (including microbiologists, biochemists, enzymologists and biotechnologists).  This subsidiary of Lesaffre serves manufacturers in the food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sectors, in particular those requiring fermentation processes.

Safisis can offer a range of different subcontracting services such as research and development contracts, from the laboratory to the production phase (including the experimental stage), feasibility tests and contract services using the client’s own technology in its facilities, etc...

The many advantages of Safisis:


Extensive experience in the microbiology field: filamentous fungus, yeast, bacteria, etc.,…

Flexible, high-performance and fully automated facilities: aerobic or anaerobic fermentation processes, batch or Fed-batch modes with a capacity of 1 litre to 50m3, online analyses, experimental programmes.

Carefully adapted post-treatment facilities: separator, filter press, clarification tank, ultra- and micro-filtration, vacuum concentrator, freeze-dryer, liquid-liquid distillation and extraction unit.

A network of specialists to deal with specific problems (spray drying, fluidisation drying).

More information on: www.safisis.com.

Contract fermentation services

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Lesaffre is seen as a reference in the yeast and bread-making fields. Its knowledge of yeast and its expertise in the fermentation have encouraged the Lesaffre group to establish a presence in the emerging human and animal nutrition markets.