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Deactivated Yeast for Low Salt bakery products.




Gustal is a deactivated baker’s yeast specially designed to reduce the salt content in all types of breads. It keeps dough rheological properties ans preserve the bread taste intensity.

Gustal is a baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) which has undergone a thermal deactivation process.
This original yeast, whose composition is identical to a living yeast:
•    does not change the bread making process because it does not express any fermentation power,
•    reinforces the taste of the bread to compensate the recommended reduction of salt.

Used in combination with your usual yeast, in the bread making process, Gustal makes it possible to intensify sufficiently taste of final bread to compensate the recommended reduction of salt.

Gustal can be used in short or long process.


Gustal enables to reduce the salt content by up to 30%:
•    preserving the taste of bread,
•    assuring the good bread making process.


Store in a cool and dry place (25°C).

Shelf life:

18 months, after production date.


Solubl’in Lesaffre, un concentré d’améliorations

Gustal has been awarded with the Innovation Awards (Products bakery’s category) as the “health nutrition special mention” in the Sirha.


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