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Discover our new website Star’bake.

Lesaffre unveils its latest concept: Star’Bake, a range of ready-to-use preparations called «blends», combining yeast, dough improvers and taste ingredients. Star’Bake enables professionals in food service to produce high quality pizzas, sweet specialties and bread very easily.



With Star’Bake blends, Lesaffre is playing the innovation card again with a new 3 in 1 solution combining yeast, dough improvers and taste ingredients. Star’Bake blends offer chefs a real «everyday revolution», for it is so easy-to-use. All the sensitive ingredients are pre-measured; just mix them in to flour and water to obtain an easy-to-work dough. Several recipes can be made with the same dough, depending on what is required at present moment and/or consumers’ wishes. Star’Bake also meets the expectations of hotels, restaurants and caterers looking for hygiene and space-saving in the kitchen: blends are vacuum packed in single dose sachets.

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The range is built around three distinct families: pizza, sweet specialities and bread. It consists for the time-being of a selection of nine blends, allowing many recipes to be achieved. An efficient way to meet the expectations of the most-demanding consumers, by offering them a variety of high quality and always consistent bakery products.

Benefits that make the difference

Star’Bake blends offer professionals in food service trade a convenient, economical and reliable solution with the following benefits:

1 Time saving
With Star’Bake, no time is lost: the sensitive ingredients are precisely pre-weighed and assembled. You generally just need to add flour and water.

2 Easy-to-use
Packed in single dose sachets, Star’Bake blends are easy to use. They disperse easily into the mixer to give smooth, consistent dough that is easy to work.

3 Wide range
Star’Bake allows producing a great diversity of bakery products to satisfy the tastes of consumers all around the world. It also gives the food-service chefs the ability to vary the recipes produced.

4 Guaranteed results
All ingredients are carefully selected and tested by Lesaffre. Vacuum packing allows a long shelf life. Whatever the country or the staff qualifications, the finished products are always of high quality and truly consistent.


Carton of 20  vacuum sachets from 160 to 600g


Store in cool and dry place (25 °C max.)

Shelf life

12 months in original vacuum sachet.


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Lesaffre is seen as a reference in the yeast and bread-making fields. Its knowledge of yeast and its expertise in the fermentation have encouraged the Lesaffre group to establish a presence in the emerging human and animal nutrition markets.