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New US pilot plant opening in Cedar Rapids

The Lesaffre Industrial Department and Lesaffre Yeast Corporation have launched a new American pilot factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to meet the demands of regional business on the front lines.

The location is strategic, near the yeast and yeast extract plants in Cedar Rapids, in a region favourable to agribusiness. The new unit occupies a completely renovated building near the Cedar Rapids yeast and yeast extract factory. The refurbishment required a multidisciplinary team (France and U.S.) to be put in place involving different Industrial Departments from Procelys, LHC, and Leaf, as well as LYC/Red Star/Biospringer North America teams.

This pilot factory features:

  • A laboratory for analyses and pure culture
  • A hall equipped with two 23-litre automatic fermenters
  • An SPI drying room
  • A laboratory dedicated to Procelys’ activities
  • A technological hall dedicated to yeast extracts
  • A future room for drying inactive nutritional yeasts

A versatile, efficient industrial tool in the hands of Lesaffre engineers, the facility can produce fresh and dry baker’s yeast and meet the diverse needs of Lesaffre business units.  The first fermentation is scheduled for late June.