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CREME DE LEVAIN®: the first active living sourdough in liquid form

creme_de_levainA sourdough is a natural ingredient that improves bread quality and is a subject of great interest today.Crème de Levain, an innovative product developed and patented by Lesaffre, is the only active living sourdough in liquid form to offer guaranteed biomass. Obtained through the natural fermentation of grain meal by micro-organisms living in spontaneous sourdoughs, Crème de Levain qualifies bread for the pain de tradition française (“traditional French bread”) label.

Excellent sensory quality of your bread-making products guaranteed!

Crème de Levain is a high-tech product whose metabolic fermenting activity has been preserved thanks to lengthy scientific research, reflecting Lesaffre’s excellence, acknowledged for its experience in the ingredients field; among them, fermentation agents. It comes in ready-to-use liquid form, so that it can be added directly into the mixer. As an acidifying fermentation agent, it helps dough to rise and gives the final product a flavor that is specific to sourdough breads.

There are many possible bread-making applications for Crème de Levain: baguettes, specialty breads, sandwich bread, brioche, Viennese pastries… and traditional French breads.


  • Quality: Crème de Levain provides the rich flavors, acidity and taste, which are typical of sourdough bread products. It develops a special texture which is specific to sourdough bread, and keeps them fresher for longer.
  • Stability: Crème de Levain is the only living, ready-to-use liquid sourdough maintains high metabolic fermenting activity, guaranteeing bread-making consistency.
  • Simplicity: Crème de Levain can be incorporated directly into the mixer, with no advance preparation, just as easily as yeast.


  • Ready-to-use liquid living sourdough.
  • Packaging: 5 kg can or 300 kg container.
  • Shelf life: 6 weeks from its production date, if stored at a temperature between 0°C and 6°C.

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