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5 Lesaffre innovations to be discovered at Europain 2016

Innovation is the focus of Lesaffre’s development. At Europain 2016 (5 – 9 February at Paris Nord – Villepinte), the group will be showcasing no less than 5 new developments structured around 5 strong market trends: Taste, Tradition, Snacking, Gluten-free and Organic.

Baking is a world in which traditions are changing every day according to technological advances and consumer tastes. After many years spent working alongside bakers, this year Lesaffre offers them new tools to help them stand out in a fast-evolving sector. To present its latest developments, Lesaffre will hold a series of key events at Europain 2016. Every day, it will be running a bakery space at its own stand devoted to L’Hirondelle 1895 and Les Fournées du Monde.

Lesaffre’s latest developments

Livendo, Lesaffre’s new sourdough signature brand

The sourdough market is fast expanding. With its Livendo range, Lesaffre offers a broad range of solutions to stimulate the baker’s imagination and creativity.  The goals: to cater to the current trends towards ‘naturalness and well-being’ among consumers and help craft bakers find solutions to stand out from the crowd (livendo-lesaffre.com)

Les fournées du monde, Snacking preparations

In the Snacking market, consumers are constantly seeking new flavours and diversity. Les Fournées du Monde preparations combine ease of execution and creativity. They also allow bakers to invite their customers on a world trip, while developing individual sales or sandwich sales.

L’hirondelle 1895, the smooth taste of tradition

L’hirondelle 1895, the ideal yeast for traditional French loaves, can be adapted to all processes: straight, inhibited fermentation, slow proofing and push tray proofing. It can be used to improve fermentation control and gives dough double the oven-spring. It also performs excellently in sweet dough. A genuine all-round yeast!

VitaSafe, a range of mixes for gluten-free baking

VitaSafe is a range of healthy mixes and pre-mixes, painstakingly developed by Lesaffre’s baking experts and nutritionists.  VitaSafe guarantees genuine food safety for those needing to follow a gluten-free diet, while offering the same taste and texture as in so-called ‘classic’ bakery goods.

Biorganic, Lesaffre’s Organic signature brand

With its Biorganic bakery goods range, Lesaffre guarantees safe organic food production by offering top-quality yeast and ingredients that perform consistently over time. Bakers can rely on Biorganic to produce exceptional organic loaves in total peace of mind and in compliance with European regulations.

Lesaffre meetings

Lesaffre stand: Hall 5 – F 132

Sourdough – Monday 8 February at 10.30 a.m.

Complete overview: functionalities, benefits, market, consumer trends, technical solutions, technological and future-forward developments. Workshop co-ordinated by Eric SCHUBERT (Manager LesaffreIngredients product division). Venue: Conference Café.

‘Le Pain Mot à Mot’ glossary – Monday 8 February at 2.00 p.m.

The new guide to assessing and describing crusty loaves according to appearance, smell, sound, texture and taste. Co-ordinated by Mélanie Dutertre (Lempa) & Camille Dupuy, sensory analysis (Lesaffre). Conference Café.

Gluten-free bread – Saturday 6 February at 12.05 p.m.

Lesaffre talks about the technical solutions it uses for the development of ‘gluten-free’ bread that is as appealing in terms of texture and taste as ordinary gluten loaves wherever possible. Finally, Pleasure & Well-being are brought together in one loaf! Round table organised by European Baker – Conference Café.

Product presentations

  • Livendo – Sunday 7 February at 10:30 a.m. – Monday 8 February at 3.00 p.m. – Baker’s Lab
    Presentation of Livendo sourdough with various aromatic profiles to stimulate the baker’s creativity and imagination.
  • L’hirondelle 1895 – Saturday 6 February at 3.00 p.m. – Monday 8 February at 10.30 a.m. – Baker’s Lab
    The benefits of the new L’hirondelle 1895 yeast for Traditional French loaves.
  • Les Fournées du Monde – Saturday 6 February to Monday 8 February at 2.00 p.m. – Baker’s Restaurant
    Speaker: Stéphane Pucel, Marketing manager – Lesaffre France.

World Cup of Baking

This event marks the high spot of Europain 2016! Twelve countries compete to win the prestigious World Cup of Baking. The qualifying teams are decided upon following the selections for the Louis Lesaffre Cup organised by the Lesaffre in 2014 to 2015 in all regions of the world (coupelouislesaffre.com).



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