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A new logo for Gnosis by Lesaffre

Last November, Lesaffre completed the full acquisition of Gnosis, an Italian biotechnology company. As a result, Gnosis and LHC (Lesaffre Human Care, including Omniabios) combined into a single team and a single Business Unit named Gnosis, with a tag line « by Lesaffre », managed by Marc Philouze.

As an innovative global player in the production of yeast, bacteria and pure molecules from fermentation, Gnosis by Lesaffre provides scientifically-proven and sustainably-sourced active ingredients and solutions to customers in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and functional food industries for a wide range of health benefits.

A new visual identity

Today, the newly formed Gnosis by Lesaffre is revealing its new logo as a first visible sign of its new identity.

Emanating from a collaborative ideation process, the circular visual embodies several defining traits of Gnosis by Lesaffre. The stylized character strongly highlights the dedication to human care with a product portfolio addressing applications ranging from pharmaceuticals to supplements to functional food. The green and blue colors are reminders of the environmentally-friendly nature of fermentation technologies, which are at the core of Lesaffre and Gnosis’ expertise. Finally, the dynamic movement of the character illustrates both the energy deployed to serve customers and the ambition for growth.

Invest in innovation to offer new solutions

Discussing the aspiration of Gnosis by Lesaffre, its General Manager Marc Philouze explains: ” We strive to create and to produce innovative physiologically active products that help people lead healthier and more enjoyable lives. By making our brand customers differentiate and succeed in the market, we deliver on that aspiration. With this new combination of very complementary skills and the support of a large organization like Lesaffre, we are now reaching a critical mass that enables us to further invest in innovation and to offer new solutions for our customers. “

Gnosis by Lesaffre will be revealing its new identity in full for the first time at the Vitafoods show held in Geneva in May 2019.

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