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Actisaf, a probiotic to preserve the balance of the cow’s rumen

To meet the growing demands of dairy industry players, from farmers to consumers, not forgetting the feed manufacturers and dairy cooperatives, or the vets and nutritionists advising them, Phileo has developed Actisaf®, the probiotic pro our future generation. By improving health through nutrition, this unique probiotic enhances the herd’s genetic potential by increasing both productivity and milk quality. In September 2015, Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care has launched a new international campaign on the benefits of this benchmark solution for modern livestock farming, the result of over twenty years of research.

Global action on the cow’s rumen ecosystem

Actisaf®, the reference live yeast, preserves the balance of the cow’s rumen ecosystem by acting in a complementary manner on the rumen biotope and microbiota. Actisaf® strengthens the reductive conditions in the rumen. “The reduction in redox potential is strategic as it encourages the action of fibrolytic bacteria which use lactic acid,” explains Christine Julien, Ruminant R&D Manager at Phileo. It therefore encourages stabilisation of the rumen pH, preventing the risk of acidosis. This global action at the level of the rumen ecosystem helps to increase the digestibility of the feed. As another fundamental result, Phileo research showed in 2013 that Actisaf® reduces the inter-individual variability of the microbial profile of the cow’s rumen. As Christine Julien explains, “this homogenisation of the microbiota between animals helps to standardise and stabilise herd performance” (figure: Actisaf – consistency in herd management).
By encouraging good rumen function on the farm, Actisaf® maximises milk production and milk quality. It is regarded as the reference product in modern livestock farming.

A reference solution for the future of the dairy industry

In its objective to be as close as possible to its customers, Phileo has launched a new information campaign about Actisaf®. Each player in the industry shares in the considerable benefits that this unique probiotic has on the health and productivity of over 100 million animals worldwide. For example, food manufacturers choose it for its excellent intrinsic ability to withstand manufacturing processes, especially its record granulation thermostability at temperatures up to 92°C, and its compatibility with other ingredients such as acidifiers. Vets recommend it for its effects on the rumen ecosystem, preventing metabolic disorders, and nutritionists for its ability to improve feed digestibility and hence to increase animals’ performance. As for farmers, “Actisaf® helps to maintain the health of their herd and hence to increase the productivity of their farms. By optimising herd management, each cow produces to the best of her genetic potential,“ says Valentin Nenov, Global Ruminant Manager at Phileo. The dairy industry also endorses the product for its positive impact on the sanitary and nutritional quality of the milk. Actisaf® therefore contributes to the production of foods that are safer for the growth and well-being of future generations.
In order to make each player more aware of the value of using Actisaf®, in terms of both animal health and consumer health, Phileo has developed a range of tools (Technical Guide, Technical Information and Application, etc.).

A concentrate of generosity by Phileo

Selected by Lesaffre research from its vast collection of yeast strains, Actisaf® is cultivated with care in our factories and recognised in over 100 countries as the benchmark solution for the future of modern livestock farming. Measuring only a millimetre in diameter, the Actisaf® micro-spherule contains over 40 million live yeast organisms. Because it is so highly concentrated, five grams of Actisaf® per day per cow is sufficient to balance the ecosystem of the rumen, with its capacity of over 180 litres. Its unique patented manufacturing process also makes it highly resistant to the various steps involved in the manufacture of livestock feed and to the rumen environment. The exclusive Actisaf® strain has been the strain most widely studied on farms, specifically in the cattle, pig, sheep, goat and horse sectors. In each sector, it has proven beneficial at every stage of production and is therefore the subject of 12 European authorisations, a record for any category of probiotic.
Through its numerous partnerships around the world and its platform of scientific exchange and expertise, The Farm, Phileo undertakes the research necessary for the development of innovative solutions to meet the ethical, animal health and performance challenges facing the livestock farming industry of tomorrow.

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