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Bioethanol-Green chemistry

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The growth of second-generation bioethanol and green chemistry is a response to current environmental challenges. It is one of Lesaffre’s research and development priorities, enabling it to offer cutting-edge fermentation solutions to manufacturers in these sectors.

Biofuels: Supporting changes in biomass energy

Energy diversification is one of the many challenges in which Lesaffre plays an active role. Having been a partner with first-generation bioethanol producers, our company continues to innovate in the field of second generation biomass fuel. The development of alternative energy projects and new strains of yeasts for the fermentation of non-food substrates offers promising horizons for:

  • unlocking the potential of alternative sources of energy
  • compensating for diminishing fossil fuel resources
  • fostering the reduction of CO2 emissions

Green chemistry: Promoting a sustainable economy

Green chemicals products aims to capitalize on natural resources to reduce our dependency on fossil based materials, which impact global warming. The challenge lies in developing more environmentally-friendly production methods. The high-performance fermentation solutions developed by Lesaffre help to reduce the ecological footprint of chemical bio-industries. As true alternatives to conventional processes, they are assisting this major transition towards sustainable chemicals.
Lesaffre’s commitment to the biofuel energy such as ethanol and bio-based plastics and chemical industries has led to the creation of a dedicated business unit: Leaf.

Bioethanol-Green chemistry