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Cell nutriments

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Lesaffre provides biotech industries with a line of fermentation nutrients developed to improve the bacterial growth and productivity of microorganisms and animal cells. These efficient cellular nutrients, yeast extracts, dried yeast, autolysed yeast and yeast peptones are specifically reserved for the production of new molecules to benefit human and animal species, such as medicinal products, vaccines, biological diagnostic tests, food and feed bio-ingredients, biopesticides and more. As with our group’s other areas of expertise, this know-how is applied in an environmentally-friendly manner. In addition, it makes direct contributions to improving the lives, health and wellness of our planet’s living creatures.

Strategic expertise for major biotech companies

The biotech industrialists on every continent use the Lesaffre yeast nutrients as nutritional substances for the microorganisms and mammalian cells cultures employed in their fermentation processes. These cellular nutrients echo the highest performance standards required by key international players in pharmaceuticals, foods and the production of diagnostic cell culture media (like Sanofi Pasteur, Novo, Evonik, Danisco and Bayer, to name but a few).

Cellular nutrients with extensive application potential

The high-level effectiveness and biological value of cellular nutrients open them up to an extremely broad range of applications, all of which aim to fulfill a goal of key importance: the long-term well-being of living beings. The key properties of the cellular nutrients derived from yeast and marketed by Lesaffre include the optimization of multiple cells culture techniques, the stimulation of bacterial growth, yeasts, molds and mammalian cells, the improved viability and productivity of these micro-organisms, but also the fact that they are one of the best sources of biological nitrogen.

As a result, the Lesaffre yeast nutrients can be used in the production of:

  • Biopharmaceutical products;
  • Food and feed bio-ingredients;
  • Bio-control ingredients;
  • Probiotic and lactic acid bacteria;
  • Biotech building blocks;
  • Diagnostic cell culture media.

Available in different forms (liquid, paste, fine powder or microgranules), Lesaffre’s natural yeasts and yeast extracts are certified animal free, allergen free and GMO free, as well as being reach Halal and Kosher.

Multiple partnerships in support of biotechnological advances

True to our innovative spirit, Lesaffre initiated the creation of a laboratory to study biotech applications. Its mission is to provide support to clients to match their standards as closely as possible and help them anticipate their markets’ expectations: product performance evaluations, training on the use of yeast extracts, design of new cellular nutrients consistent with the different strains and industrial microbiological processes, and so on.
In parallel to these joint development projects conducted with our clients under confidential agreement, Lesaffre maintains an international cooperation network with external partners, as well as public research centers.

Cellular nutrients in biopharmaceutics and diagnostics

At a time when new prospects are appearing for the treatment of numerous diseases, including orphan diseases, the development of innovative biopharmaceutical products has no margin for error.Their efficacy is decisive in the treatment of various conditions (flu, diabetes, certain cancers and more) and in rapid lab testing for pathogenic microorganisms. Cellular nutrients are capable of meeting these challenges, with their very high product quality, in terms of solubility, filterability, stability, microbiological value and reproducibility. As a result, a growing number of manufacturers are now using Lesaffre yeast products to refine the production of new therapeutic molecules for humans and animals (for use in diagnostics, microbial cultures, tissue and cell cultures, antibiotics, vitamins, vaccines, hormones and more).

Fermentation nutrients in agro-foods

Lesaffre’s yeast products are rich in easy-to-absorb peptides, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, high in nitrogen, low in salt and completely water-soluble. Those qualities make these cell nutritional substances particularly well-suited to the production of a large number of the bio-ingredients used in human and animal food. Dairy industries use cellular nutrients to manufacture lactic and probiotic ferments for yogurts and cheeses, but also to develop flavor molecules, amino acids, organic acids, biopolymers and more.

Lesaffre has created a business unit dedicated to cellular nutrients for biotech industries: Procelys.