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Using advances in biotechnology to create a cleaner, more sustainable world is a major concern at Lesaffre. As a key global player in biomolecular purification and fermentation processes, the Group plays an active part in developing natural flavoring molecules. On the world stage, this effort helps meet the performance goals set by the food processing, cosmetics and perfume industries.

Over 20 years of expertise in natural flavorings

Since 1992, Lesaffre has been an innovator in developing and producing natural flavor ingredients based on biological processes. This know-how is drawn from the multi-disciplinary skills of a company team of 65 experts, which includes biochemists, microbiologists, enzymologists and flavorists, as well as the Group’s geneticists. In line with a continual improvement strategy, the company has adopted a quality control approach that earned it ISO 9001 certification in 2001 and ISO 14000 in 2010, with FSCC scheduled for 2016.

Natural solutions covering a vast field of applications

Lesaffre provides flavorists with aromatic substances that play a determining role in the quality of their own natural aromas and fragrances. These have a wide range of uses in both the cosmetics and perfume industry. Fruity and sweet notes (vanilla flavoring, coconut, apple, peach, etc.) are some of the company’s specialties. The potential of natural food flavorings is also a trump card in the food-processing sector.

Solutions in line with new industrial challenges

Industrialists are keenly interested in a micro-biological alternative to conventional chemical processes and aroma chemicals, which would help them to meet today’s sustainable development challenges. As a result, Lesaffre’s natural aromatic molecules are now sold in over 25 countries around the world.

A unique, internationally-recognized natural process

Lesaffre spearheads innovation in the field of natural compounds using micro-biological methods, and its specialized subsidiary devotes 10% of its annual turnover to R&D. With a rigorous selection of substrates and fermentation-orientated processes such as bioconversion, biosynthesis and enzymatic catalysis, excellence in terms of a natural approach is sought both upstream and downstream of the process. It also ensures that the company’s natural aromatic molecules meet both European and American regulatory requirements.

Flagship product : Ennallin

The result of many years of research, Ennallin is a further addition to Lesaffre’s range of natural flavor ingredients. This natural vanilla flavoring, compliant with European regulation 1334/2008, is obtained by the biotransformation of ferulic acid, present in certain cereals. Its constant availability and attractive cost provide notable competitive advantages compared with vanillin, which comes from vanilla pods. In opening up new perspectives for natural formulation, Ennallin is a major asset for flavorists, cosmetics producers, perfumers and food manufacturers.
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