Yeast extracts for the pleasure of taste and food flavorings

yeast extract and food flavorings

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Since ancient times, the benefits of yeast have been proven in multiple domains, including the human diet. This plant ingredient is in Lesaffre’s blood. Our group offers a wide range of natural yeast products  and yeast extracts with multiple properties to the food industries, flavorists and manufacturers of intermediate food products. Our yeast products bring out natural flavor of many different recipes, such as soups, sauces, seasonings, snacks, ready meals, beverages, and much more.
The challenge of yeast extracts is substantial: to offer consumers healthier, better balanced, appetizing, flavorful foods that make the most of natural flavoring ingredients.

Infinite potential to build new flavor profiles

The wealth of features found in Lesaffre’s lines of natural yeast ingredients gives them a wide variety of possible applications. In response to food producers’ need to innovate and personalize their portfolios, our product lines include:


Just like herbs and spices, these natural yeast extracts are vital ingredients that round off the flavors of foods and beverages, but also the body and mouthfeel of different recipes. Some of these yeast extracts can also boost the tastes Umami and Kokumi.

Yeast extracts : brief overview of a vast array of applications

Thanks to their large spectrum of flavor notes, Lesaffre’s natural yeast extracts can enrich many types of savory foods (soups and broths, sauces, snacks and biscuits, seasonings and ready-made dishes, processed meat and fish-based foods) and sweets (cakes, chocolates, etc.). Some dry yeasts and yeast extracts bring food appeal to low-fat, low-sodium, vegetarian and vegan dishes. Lesaffre’s yeast products are guaranteed animal-free and are certified Kosher and Halal. To respond to specific demand, Lesaffre has also developed a range of certified organic products.
That is why Biospringer, a Lesaffre business unit, focuses on the supply of natural ingredients, offering a broad variety of yeast extracts grown using methods that are respectful of the environment and nature.

Culinary Center, labs devoted to a product-based approach

Lesaffre is committed to continuously refining the quality of its customer support, and so has developed new, high-level technical support to round out its R&D strategy: the Culinary Center. Located in France, China, Brazil, Singapore and the United States, their main purpose is to act as:

  • experimental cookings dedicated to formulating new yeast products, developing new processes and optimizing our clients’ recipes
  • evaluation labs that assess the sensory quality of products and applications, using an expert tasting panel and an electronic nose
  • technical support resources for clients when launching production of new industrial recipes
  • venues for training and experience-sharing
  • Food technology and market trends watch

This expertise makes the Culinary Center a strategic tool for food industries, in terms of the creation of new prototypes and the development of the yeast product market.

Yeast extract and food flavorings
Yeast extract and food flavorings
Yeast extract and food flavorings