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Learn more about Lesaffre’s products and services in the fields of of yeasts for beer, wine, spirits and fermented alcoholic beverages, with Fermentis

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One of Lesaffre’s core businesses is to develop, produce and market yeast and its components to benefit producers of fermented alcoholic beverages: beer, wine, spirits and any other alcoholic beverage (industrial or craft). Each client is offered a range of innovative ferments and yeast derivatives so it can achieve its targeted objectives relating to the quality and uniformity of its finished products.

We also have a large selection of technical and economical alcoholic fermentation solutions, allowing us to offer even greater pleasure and satisfaction to producers and consumers all over the world.

Yeast for authentic and diverse beers : brewers yeast

Lesaffre was a forerunner in the field of bottom-fermenting yeasts production in dry form. Based on strains from known European sources, the company developed a reliable line of real brewers yeasts designed for the production of top-rated lagers. That range was subsequently enriched by strains of yeast suitable for top fermentation and special beers, for brewers in search of authentic flavor profiles.
These yeasts are ready to use, easy to rehydrate, can be stored for up to two years and are packaged in a variety of formats, meaning they can suit the specific needs of any type of beer-maker, from industrial to craft brewers, micro-brewers and even home brewers.

To each wine, its character and its wine yeast alcoholic fermentation

As a partner of the wine-making industry, Lesaffre offers wine yeasts as well as yeast derivatives that can enhance the quality and flavor which are so important in wines. This range was specially designed to adapt to different varietals and wine-making techniques. Revealing specific flavors, developing the aromatic features of the varietals, optimizing the fermentation process, and characterizing wines by making them less acidic, brighter, more full-bodied or crispier thanks to our yeasts. These are some of the oenological applications afforded by the broad spectrum of properties in the products designed by Lesaffre.

Alcoholic fermentation of spirits : from whisky to tequila

In the area of distillation, the choice of yeast strain will also determine the added value of the end product. Thanks to Lesaffre’s capacity for innovation, we have been able to perfect a wide array of yeast strains specifically designed for the production of spirits (whisky, rum, tequila, mezcal, vodka, etc.) and other fermented beverages (cider, sorghum beer, kvass, etc.). Suitable for all types of substrates (malt, raw grain, fruit, etc.), these yeasts can exhibit great performances and create a wide variety of aromatic profiles. They address perfectly well the various expectations of industrial whisky producers, clear fruit brandy-makers, flavored and cream-based alcoholic beverages and craft distillers.

Fermentis, a business unit dedicated to alcoholic fermentation

Because yeast performance requirements vary from one industry to another, Lesaffre prompted the creation of Fermentis in 2003, as a subsidiary dedicated to the development and sale of ferments and derivatives for the beer, wine, spirit and other fermented beverage industries around the world. Through its specific product lines, Fermentis allows each market to benefit from the R&D expertise of Lesaffre’s 180 scientists and also from the power of a group that is known for its stringent requirements in terms of industrial production.

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Alcoholic fermentation
alcoholic fermentation