Animal nutrition, a societal issue on a planetary scale

Animal nutrition and livestock feed


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Given the link that exists between nutrition and human health, the health and well-being of animals have a capital role to play in animal protection, now more than ever, as does the quality of their food.
Thanks to our pioneering spirit in the fields of probiotic live yeasts and yeast products for animal, Lesaffre has become a major international player on the animal nutrition market.
In response to the specific needs of our clients – breeders and manufacturers – Lesaffre offers a comprehensive range of recognized, effective nutritional solutions that boost performance and contribute to the well-being and protection of the different animals they feed. As part of an approach that respects animals and the environment, this product line contributes to one of Lesaffre’s core goals: to better feed the world’s population.

Products that drive profitable livestock feed

Lesaffre develops, produces and markets live yeasts, yeast fractions, special active ingredients and innovative solutions to the animal feed industry and livestock farmers.
These solutions optimize animal nutrition, significantly increasing the performance and welfare of livestock (ruminants, pigs and poultry) and farmed fish. Their scientifically-proven benefits can be seen in optimized growth and productivity in livestock, improved quality and yield of end product, whether that is meat, milk or eggs. These advantages come with the promise of continuing competitiveness for livestock farms and the ability to trump any new challenges facing animal feed and needs professionals.

Feeding yeast for animal enhances animal welfare

With their recognized contribution to nutrition, live yeasts present a large number of benefits for animal health and nutrition. Their unique manufacturing process endows them with greater stability and guarantees a maximum number of active yeast cells reach the intestines or the rumen.

In ruminants, feeding live yeasts:

  • Stimulates the rumen’s metabolism;
  • Improves the digestibility and absorption of feed;
  • Reduces the risk of acidosis;
  • Increases animal productivity (more milk, more persistent lactation, better growth, etc.).

In pigs, feeding live yeasts:

  • Enhances digestive comfort;
  • Increases feed efficiency;
  • Reduces the presence of pathogens;
  • Optimizes performance levels and economic results (better growth, improved quality of milk and colostrum, etc.).

While helping to optimize animal productivity, this animal feed additives also satisfies a vital need: to preserve human health.

Animal nutrition : natural solutions to meet current challenges

Lesaffre provides nutritional solutions based on live yeasts, yeast fractions (peels, yeast extracts, etc.) and selenium-enriched yeasts. These products improve output while bolstering different species’ resistance to specific illnesses, helping to reduce the use of antibiotics, and more. These solutions are widely supported by large quantities of significant scientific, commercial, quality testing and accreditation (such as for FAMI-QS, GMP+ B3 and other certifications).
At the same time, our industrial group continues to support innovation in animal nutrition, so as to further develop the efficiency of our live yeasts. For example, cutting-edge research is conducted at model experimental farms, like the work being undertaken at a Wisconsin, US, dairy farm with 650 heads of high-yielding Holstein cows.

Animal nutrition and health
Animal nutrition and health
Animal nutrition, animal feed