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Human nutrition and health



Gnosis, a business unit of Lesaffre, is a world expert in yeast, bacteria and pure molecule from fermentation, dedicated to human health and nutrition. The company aspires to be a trusted innovation partner for its clients in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and functional food industries, and to assist them in helping consumers lead healthier and happier lives.

From nutritional and fortified yeasts to yeast fractions, probiotic yeasts and bacteria, vitamin or pure molecules, Gnosis develops and supplies innovative solutions and ingredients of natural origin with scientifically proven efficacy to target a wide range of applications: digestive health, bone protection, immunity enhancement, joints and liver health, women health, vegetarian support and overall wellbeing. The broad range of differentiating solutions aims at improving and boosting human health by bringing to our diet bioactive nutrients.

Gnosis offers a broad portfolio of ready-to-use solutions of natural origin covering a broad spectrum of applications:

Gnosis products are designed for dietary supplements, functional foods, drugs or medical devices. Gnosis is a trustful partner for dietary supplements marketers for decades, remaining the core-business of the business unit. Gnosis has been able to develop its production practices to produce APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) under GMP certification. Gnosis also offers its expertise in the implementation of its ingredients in functional food applications thanks to its applications lab.

  • Probiotic solution
  • Bioactive ingredient

Essential and bioactive nutrients are natural occurring components necessary for life or contributing significantly to health when they are consumed throughout lifetime as part of the daily diet. Highly purified grades of these substances are produced by Gnosis as Nature intended, preserving their real biological structure, nutritional value and beneficial role in the human body, applying strict and controlled quality.

Nutrients and bioactive substances include vitamins, individual components of human tissues, antioxidants and cofactors involved in several metabolic pathways such as the one-carbon metabolism also known as methylation cycle. All Gnosis active ingredients are crucial for a variety of functions that include DNA synthesis, maintaining and regulating genes, adequate cell division and growth, detoxification, energy production, immune function, brain functioning, mood balancing, joint protection, bone and cardiovascular health and inflammation controlling.

  • Day to Day nutrition

Highly concentrated pure ingredients, live probiotics and nutrient-rich yeasts can all be great natural additions to increase the benefits of functional foods.

As a trusted innovation partner, Gnosis is also capable to help its customers to formulate palatable and stable functional foods so as to deliver the health benefits of its unique ingredients in a format more enjoyable for today’s consumers.

Learn more about Gnosis : http://gnosisbylesaffre.com/