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A strategic avenue for Lesaffre’s development

Human nutrition and health

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Nutrition et santé humaine



VideoCapitalizing on our pioneering spirit in the field of yeasts and our recognized expertise in biotechnology, Lesaffre helps to preserve people’s health capital by developing natural solutions with beneficial properties. Our group tackles this major challenge by drawing from the extraordinary wealth of useful components (more or less complex peptides, proteins, saccharides and glycoproteins) contained in the micro-organism that is yeast.
A broad range of yeasts and their derivates are used today to serve the ambitions of industrialists operating on the global nutrition, health and beauty markets.

Natural potential covering a broad spectrum of applications

Lesaffre’s technical and scientific expertise has contributed to the development of a multifunctional array of healthy ingredients derived from yeast and bacteria, including:

  • Probiotic yeasts and bacteria;
  • Fortified yeasts;
  • Nutritional yeasts;
  • Yeast fractions;
  • Pure yeast extracts.

These special ingredients and their associated services are assets with high added value for the promotion and formulation of products for our industrial clients: labs working on pharmaceuticals, dietary and medical nutrition, dietetic and functional foods, cosmetics industries.

Dietary supplements

Today, dietary supplements are a part of our daily lives and have become a real health habit for most consumers. Backed by 160 years of biotech experience, Lesaffre Human Care now focuses its work on developing ingredients for this market, with the aim of preserving wellness for all. Yeasts (nutritional, fortified and probiotic) and their extracts (fractions and pure molecules), as well as probiotic bacteria, now hold a choice position on the dietary supplement market. Consumers understand and recognize their benefits, particularly when it comes to their digestive health and natural defenses, although their health perks extend much further, covering the skin’s appearance, eyesight, joint health and more.

Pharmaceutical products

Supported by decades of research and numerous scientific publications, yeasts and their extracts have proven their interest to pharmaceutical laboratories. Lesaffre Human Care’s range of products offers three high-quality APIs* (active pharmaceutical ingredients) that meet very strict specifications designed to satisfy the heightened standards of players on this market.
* Lynside® Pharma SCB, Lynside® Pharma Lay1 and Lynside® Pure SAMe.

Functional foods

Initially known as dairy products containing probiotic bacteria, functional foods have since invaded our supermarket aisles: cholesterol-reducing margarine, weight-loss cereal bars, and the list goes on. Thanks to its wealth of different nutrients, yeast is increasingly making a name for itself as a natural source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Whether added during industrial food production or simply sprinkled on a mixture, yeast has multiple possible uses.
As for probiotic bacteria, consumers today know them well. As such, they remain an ingredient of choice for anyone wanting to add immune or digestive health benefits to their cereals, fruit juices and dairy products.

Cosmetic applications

Over and above the benefits in terms of balancing the main metabolic functions, yeasts are also real “beauty foods” that are of cosmetological interest, in a number of different ways. Rich in nutrients, yeast’s natural components have already demonstrated their effectiveness at significantly improving not only the structure and appearance of the skin, the nails, and the hair. Scientific research is currently underway, and initial results have demonstrated the moisturizing and anti-aging properties of yeasts and their by-products, with promising discoveries illustrating the tremendous scope of application of nutritional yeastsDiscover LHC :

Human nutrition and health