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Plant nutrition and health

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A major goal for the entire agricultural value chain is to lead agriculture down the path of a carefully-devised approach that respects the environment and human health. Within this context, Lesaffre supports agricultural professionals by developing biocontrol and bionutrition products from natural useful microorganisms, like yeasts, fungi, bacteria, yeast derivatives, and so on. These natural solutions guarantee crop protection from diseases, improve plant nutrition. These innovations are primarily intended for producers in wine-growing, vegetable, horticultural and fruit sectors, to facilitate their implementation of new crop protection and nutrition strategies.

Biocontrols, the key of a productive and sustainable Agriculture

Thanks to our expertise in fermentation products, Lesaffre is able to design, develop and market effective natural solutions for the world of Agriculture. In this domain, our activities hinge on the two major segments of biocontrol and plant growth stimulants. Biocontrol products rely on crop protection services using natural mechanisms. These products offer promising prospects for:

  • Developing new methods to control plant diseases;
  • Helping to reduce the use of conventional chemical inputs (like pesticides and fertilizers);
  • Significantly minimizing the level of residues in agricultural products and food;
  • Fostering new production systems with higher environmental value.

Functional expertise in support of Agriculture industry

For the development of our plant-dedicated activities, Lesaffre works actively with research organizations, universities and technical institutes. As such, we have chosen to partner with Végépolys, a cluster that is a global reference for plant-related innovations.
As part of our international growth, Lesaffre’s biocontrol systems and bionutrition solutions are aimed at our sales and distribution partners operating on markets like grapevine, fruit and vegetable sectors, arable crops, horticulture, turf and amenity, growing substrates and seeds.

Registered natural products for plant needs and nutrition

Lesaffre’s biofungicides and biostimulants draw their strength from natural strains of useful microorganisms, such as yeasts, fungi, bacteria and yeast derivatives. They are the fruit of advanced agronomic studies and collaboration with highly-reputed research centers like INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research). Selected for their various properties, these products require product marketing authorization. These registration processes are particularly lengthy and complex. Once obtained, though, a marketing authorization provides for detailed information about the products, optimization of their use and a guarantee of their efficacy and harmlessness for users, consumers and the environment. In response to problems faced by wine growers, a biocontrol product from a fungal strain of Trichoderma is now available on the market, to control grapevine trunk diseases*. Our group also offers effective biostimulants made with a technological base of fermentation metabolites, yeast derivatives.

* : Esca, BDA (Black Dead Arm) and eutypiosis.

Plant nutrition and health
Plant nutrition and health
Plant nutrition and health