From baker to baker : technical support that catalyzes ideas

Baker center network

Lesaffre, the world-famous leader in baking yeast production, opened its first Baking Center™ in France in 1974. This was the first in a network that now comprises 47 technical facilities around the world.
Lesaffre’s initial concept was to offer customers a partner in the sector who spoke their language, and would help them communicate and innovate.
Over time, this form of technical support has been swelled with further teams of experienced, multicultural technicians, who can pinpoint the needs and particular features of every country they work in.

A co-development approach, from project to product

VideoThe Lesaffre Baking Center™ technicians and experts capitalize on their knowledge of the cultures, consumer tastes and local markets of every country to provide input for their customers’ innovative projects. For their part, they seek out operational solutions tailored to consumers’ tastes.
This joint approach to development paves the way for new processes, new ingredient formulations for improved bread-making and new yeasts and sourdoughs.

Sensory analysis: the other language of bread

Aromas, tastes, smells and textures are all major quality requirements for consumers. As a pioneer in deciphering the language of bread, the Baking Center™ adds sensory analysis to Lesaffre’s expertise. The scientific methodology it applies (panels of experts, tasting booths and specialist statistical software) has one end in view: to tailor products to consumer tastes.
Thus, every year, over 50 professionals make the most of Lesaffre Baking Center’s™ sensory approach to develop, position and market new products all over the world.

Technical assistance: people who serve their customers

Rather like an ‘After Sales Service’ department, the Baking Center™ network technicians make calls on-site, both within and outside France, at the most sensitive times. Because every launch is a challenge, they support customers throughout every stage of their project, from start to finish:

  • Adjusting production parameters,
  • Choosing equipment,
  • Identifying and solving difficulties as they arise – and much more.

Targeted training especially for Lesaffre customers

The Lesaffre Baking Center™ network welcomes clients from all backgrounds: master bakers, industrial producers, distributors, R&D teams, etc., in order to assist and advise them. Through training, we aim to foster joint projects and create enduring relationships based on trust.
Various training courses are available, focusing on processes, ingredients and products alike, and are organized to suit the needs and possibilities of local customers.

The strength of a global network

The Lesaffre Baking Center™ network is finely tuned to observe trends and pick up on changes.
Network players regularly meet up to exchange and discuss the wealth of information gained from their local experience. Working closely with the Group’s development, marketing and communications departments, they also monitor changes in tastes, markets, products, techniques and processes all over the world.
This constant market monitoring makes it possible to pinpoint trends rapidly, and anticipate the expansion requirements of Lesaffre’s customers in Europe and around the world.

Forty years of passion!

In 2014, Lesaffre celebrated the 40th anniversary of its international Baking Center™ network. Since it was founded in 1974, the Lesaffre Baking Center™ has become an international benchmark nurturing both major changes in the profession and the Group’s expansion in the yeast and baking ingredient markets. This extraordinary event was shared and celebrated with customers and partners throughout the world.

Baker center network
Baker center network
Baker center network