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Lesaffre places our fermentation expertise at our clients’ service, to provide a global response to each of their bread making needs. This has always been the credo of our group, with the ambition of extending our portfolio of products and services beyond yeasts and sourdoughs. Thus was born a large and innovative range of bread ingredients – the fruit of work by teams of researchers and formulators on every continent – in response to the various issues facing our industrial and artisan clients.

Bread improver

Surdoughs - Lesaffre

Mixes and premixes


A global approach to bread-making

Lesaffre’s line of bread making ingredients is the result of the group’s decades-long close relationship with professionals in the bread making industry. Bread improvers, mixes and premixes, blends, milling correctors, deactivated yeasts, and the list goes on… These advances were made possible thanks to our in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses and concerns.

The development of each type of bread making ingredient targets specific objectives, combining our knowledge of production processes, raw materials, desired features, and more. All of these innovative solutions help to:

  • optimize the conditions under which the various baking professions are exercised;
  • perfect the technical and sensory qualities of baked goods;
  • win over consumers who are perpetually on the lookout for health, tasty, authentic and new recipes.