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Bread improvers

Bread improver

Backed by the strength of our fermentation expertise and in an effort to meet the unique needs of professional bakers, Lesaffre works hard to develop special baking ingredients that can be used at any point, from the mill to the bakery. As a result, our group has developed a wide range of bread improvers to simplify the work of bakers and optimize the functional characteristics of their bread. The performance of a Lesaffre improver is dependent on the choice and dosage of components used in its formulation.

Bread improvers: carefully dosed formulas

A bread improver is a coherent, balanced combination of baking ingredients chosen from among various manufacturing aids and raw ingredients (both cereal-based and other), mixed together in an appropriate formula.
Five types of elements are used in the formulation of Lesaffre baking ingredients:

  • reducing agents to restructure gluten;
  • oxidants to strengthen gluten for optimal gas retention;
  • enzymes, including amylase, to release fermentable sugars that feed the yeast;
  • emulsifiers to consolidate gluten for increased tolerance;
  • various baking ingredients with specific effects: bean flour, malt, etc.

Better baking performance

Bread improvers boost dough enhancer and reinforce tolerance during the different manufacturing stages. They make the work safer and simplify production, enabling bakers to prepare quality, standardized end products.
Bread improvers can also act on the following properties of dough:

  • rheological properties: by increasing the dough’s handling, strength or extensibility, so as to better tolerate its time in the machine;
  • fermentation properties: by optimizing the yeast’s action through stabilized fermentation and increased gas retention capacity.

Why add bread improvers?

Bread improvers simplify the work of bakers, allowing them to show off their full expertise. They can be used with any technology, under the most widely varying production conditions. As needed, they can:

  • smooth out the dough more quickly;
  • enhance machinability;
  • boost tolerance in control proofing, especially for raw frozen and pre-cooked specialty breads;
  • increase yields.

This gives consumers the benefit of a product that is as attractive to the eye as it is to the palate and that retains the mark of the baker’s expertise.

Lesaffre solutions for every need

Designing an effective formula is the work of professionals, which is why Lesaffre’s bread improvers are designed and tested with consideration for flour quality, manufacturing processes, the equipment used and the nature of the finished goods.
Lesaffre’s improvers are always easy to dose and are sold in baking powder, liquid and paste form. They are compliant with each country’s regulatory requirements.