Premixes & blends

Mixes and premixes

Discover Lesaffre premixes and blends brands

Out of an ongoing concern for adapting to current consumer trends, Lesaffre has perfected a comprehensive line of delectable premixes and blends for professional bread-makers and chefs. These ready-to-use solutions allow bakers to prepare a broad selection of breads and Viennese baked goods with unique textures and tastes. This provides creative solutions for bakers that are extremely easy-to-use.

Premixes for breads with unique textures and flavors

Our premixes generally contain portions of flour, grains and improvers, to which other baking ingredients like sugar, powdered milk and fats are added. Our formulas are developed according to the selected flour bases (hard wheat, rye, soft wheat, etc.) and the desired technological and sensory characteristics.

These premixes vary by dosage: Our premixes vary from a 5% to 60% flour base, which the user then supplements with additional flour, yeast and water;

Blends: innovative combinations of bread-making ingredients

Blends are ready-to-use mixes combining yeast, sourdough starters and bread improvers. They can be used to make a wide range of breads, pizzas and sweet specialty goods.

These modern, innovative blends combine a selection of Lesaffre’s specialized ingredients in a single product:

  • fermentation agents;
  • flavor ingredients;
  • functional formulations.

Pre-dosed to be mixed directly with flour and water, these sensory ingredients yield standardized dough that is easy to work. The same dough can be used in multiple recipes, according to the baker’s needs and their customers’ wishes.

Bakers: artisans and artists

Specially developed for bakery professionals, our premixes and blends interweave baking technology with ease of use, in a solution never before seen on the market.

These solutions guarantee successful recipes, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

This allows bakers to give free rein to their imaginations in order to satisfy consumers’ changing expectations with a broad selection of finished products.

Thanks to these preparations, artisan bakers become true artists and can selectively create all types of original breads, to the delight of their customers.

Lesaffre’s range of premixes and blends includes several product families:

  • Breads & specialty breads to adapt to each country’s – and each customer’s – specific demands: baguettes, buns, sandwich breads, etc.;
  • Viennese baked goods and sweet specialties: croissants, donuts, brioches, and so on;
  • Health and wellness products: farmhouse breads, hard wheat breads and multi-grain breads, as well as low-sodium and gluten-free breads, etc.

A convenient, effective and reliable solution in the service of bakers

Thanks to their technical performance characteristics, our premixes and blends endow their end products with great regularity. They allow bakers to optimize their working time, avoid errors in measurement and obtain uniform, high-quality finished goods. They simplify the management of raw material inventory by reducing the number of baking ingredients, resulting in streamlined order fulfillment and handling.

  • Quality and regularity : Each baking ingredients for Lesaffre’s premixes and blends is rigorously selected and inspected to ensure product uniformity and optimal food safety. Lesaffre’s expertise in baking techniques allows to give a special care to formulas that adapt to production constraints and needs, while still respecting the purest baking traditions.
  • Easy-to-use : Using premixes and blends saves bakers time by reducing the number weighing tasks they must perform and the time it takes to make their breads. It limits the risk of error thanks to pre-dosing the ingredients and eliminating the more delicate operations associated with traditional bread-making methods. Each quantity added to the mixer is controlled, in the interest of optimal, uniform appearance, volume, texture and taste.
  • Creativity and customization : While adapting to local preferences, our premixes and blends also give full expression to craft bakers, who can use them to create their own recipes. These ready-to-use mixes allow professionals to adapt to changes in demand and create completely new taste experiences. Thus, bakers can create an assortment of different products by following the recipes provided by Lesaffre’s teams of specialists (formulators and baking technicians).
  • Profitability : Lesaffre’s premixes and blends are quick and easy-to-use, generating considerable time savings and simplifying production cost control.