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Devitalized sourdough

Devitalized sourdough, leaven

Thanks to our mastery of micro-organisms and fermentation and drying processes, Lesaffre has developed a range of devitalized sourdoughs for baking professionals. When added to the mixer – without changing the initial recipe – devitalized sourdoughs give the finished product the flavor profile typical of fermented grains.

Add directly to the mixer

Devitalized sourdoughs, derived from fermented grain meal (wheat, rye, spelt wheat, hard wheat, etc.) and using selected strains (lactobacilli and yeasts), are flavor-enhancing preparations that are extremely easy-to-use.

  • These fermented flours come in liquid and dehydrated form and are suitable for any type of bread-making process (low fermentation, controlled fermentation, direct or frozen).
  • Without fermentation power, devitalized sourdoughs are used for their strong aromatic properties and are added directly during kneading, at doses ranging from 1% to 4%.
  • Devitalized sourdoughs have a relatively long shelf life and make it quick and easy to customize baked goods, including certified organic products. In the case of organic goods, the devitalized sourdough must come from organically-farmed fermented grains.

Varied sensory qualities

With the support of our sensory analysis lab, which is at the forefront of sourdough bread research (more than 250 sensory tests performed each year), Lesaffre has developed a sensory map of our range of devitalized sourdoughs, making it possible to play on flavor intensity, texture, crumb color and bread conservation time.
Backed by the expertise of our sensory analysis lab and the skills of the baking technicians in our network of Baking Center™ facilities, sourdough bread-making professionals can use devitalized sourdough to diversify their lines of baked goods and create aromatic signatures (notes of fruits, spices, milk/butter, malt/roasting, grains, sourdough, etc.) for a broad range of breads (country-style bread, sandwich bread, ciabatta, pita, whole wheat bread, rye bread, and more) and pizzas.