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Active dry yeast

Active dry yeast, dried yeast

With its long shelf life and possibility of storage at room temperature, Lesaffre’s active dry yeast was specially designed for industrial and craft bread-making applications. Once rehydrated, this performant, efficient yeast presents the same benefits as a liquid yeast.

Benefits of active dry yeast

Thanks to its granules or spheroids form, active dry yeast has considerable bread-making qualities, especially in regions with tough climate conditions (hot and humid countries):

  • remarkable stability at ambient temperature;
  • long shelf life;
  • perfect control over the yeast’s fermentation power;
  • easy to incorporate into the mixer.

Packaging of dried yeast

  • Active dry yeast is available in different packaging formats that are suitable for different modes of use: 125 and 500 g boxes, 10 and 25 kg bags, and 25 kg plastic drums.
  • Lesaffre also offers 50 and 100 g packets for domestic use.

Learn more about dry yeast and its uses

  • Dry yeast is reactivated by rehydration, performed at a temperature between 35°C and 38°C (38°C being the optimal temperature).
  • The fermentation power of active dry yeast is lower than that of an instant yeast.
  • Dry yeast has a shelf life of two years. It can be stored at room temperature (ideally, below 25°C).