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Compressed yeast

Compressed yeast

Acclaimed for its practicality and easy implementation, compressed yeast is the form most commonly used in bread-making, by both craft and industrial bakers. While white and very friable in some regions, it can be more colorful and have a “plastic” consistency in others.
Lesaffre offers several brands of compressed yeasts for sale. L’Hirondelle is the group’s iconic brand, used for generations by bakers in many countries around the world since 1895.


Presented in the form of friable blocks, compressed yeast offers numerous advantages, both economical and practical:

  • it is extremely easy-to-use;
  • it can be crumbled directly into the mixer;
  • compressed yeast can be used for a wide variety of purposes;
  • its compact form limits contact with oxygen in the air.


Lesaffre’s compressed yeast is mainly available in 500 g and 1 kg blocks.
It also comes in small cubes, for use by the general public. Its packaging is designed to limit gas exchanges and to control the moisture migration.

Learn more about compressed yeast and its uses

  • As a fragile product, compressed yeast needs to be stored cold, at a temperature between 0°C and 10°C. This allows it to preserve its properties until its use-by date, as indicated on the packaging.