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Crumbled yeast

Crumbled yeast

Lesaffre’s crumbled yeast is a fresh yeast in the form of relatively fine particles, making it convenient for suspension in water and automatic dosing. Because of its form, it is often used by industrial bakers working in an automated continuous production lines.


  • Easy free flowing into mixers’ feeder hoppers
  • Can be weighed directly or dosed automatically, providing guaranteed accuracy and consistency

In a suspension, crumbled yeast can be used like a liquid yeast, with all of the associated advantages.


Lesaffre crumbled yeast is packaged in 25 kg bags.

Learn more about crumbled yeast and its uses

  • To retain all of its properties during storage, crumbled yeast should be kept at a temperature between 0°C and 6°C, from the time of delivery until use.
  • In the interest of food safety, the inside of the bag is blue.
  • Due to its large surface area, crumbled yeast heats up rapidly when brought into contact with ambient air. As a result, once a bag is opened, is must be kept chilled and used rapidly.