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Instant dry yeast

Instant dry yeast

Launched by Lesaffre in 1973, instant dry yeast marked a major advance, eliminating the constraints associated with rehydrating active dry yeast while, at the same, increasing fermentation power by 30-40%. Industrial and craft bakers value this yeast as it is so easy-to-use and has such a long shelf life.

Benefits of the Instant dry yeast

Vacuum-packed in the form of thin “noodles,” instant dry yeast boasts numerous advantages:

  • it can be added directly to the mixer, with no prior rehydration required;
  • it requires a dose that is three times less than that of compressed yeast;
  • its vacuum packaging boosts the stability of its fermentation power and eliminates any risk of outside contamination.


  • Several packaging formats are available: 500 g packets and 5 to 25 kg poches.
  • For home use, Lesaffre offers small packages (5-125 g).
  • For industrial use, Lesaffre offers appropriate packaging options, e.g. big bags.

Learn more about instant dry yeast and its uses

  • After opening the packet, instant dry yeast must be used within 48 hours, or else resealed and stored in the refrigerator for use within eight days.
  • Instant dry yeast must not come into contact with ice or ice water.
  • Lesaffre has developed an instant dry yeast that was specifically designed for pizza-making (Saf-Pizza), which offers major advantages during the production process, making dough easier to roll out and pizza bases easier to shape, without any shrinkage.
  • The packaging of instant dry yeast in vacuum packs guarantee’s the product’s stability at room temperature, until the date marked on its wrapper.