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Liquid yeast

Liquid yeast

Liquid yeast has enjoyed strong growth in industrial settings in recent years. Since 2005, craft bakers have also displayed significant interest in it, appreciating it as a global solution, comprising the product itself, as well the associated technology and working methods.
Thanks to the diversity of its processes and packaging, Lesaffre’s liquid yeast can be used at any type of bakery:

  • custom, automated units (10-50 m3) for large production plants;
  • units with containers that can hold 300 to 1,000 liters, for smaller capacities;
  • refrigerated dispensers with 22 kg poches formats for craft bakers.


Each of our liquid yeast solutions offers a number of advantages, in terms of:

  • quality : perfect control over the yeast’s fermentation power;
  • practicality : our liquid yeast is easy to incorporate into the mixer;
  • technology/economics : accurate, consistent dosing;
  • health : maintenance of the right temperature up until dosing;
  • hygiene : less handling required;
  • environment : reduced packaging.

Delivery & storage

Our liquid yeast is delivered in bulk by tanker truck, either in container or poches. To prevent the yeast’s sedimentation when stored in large quantities, Lesaffre offers different types of refrigerated units that shake it gently during storage or that stabilize the yeast until it is dispensed.

Learn more about liquid yeast and its uses

  • This liquid form is none other than the form that yeast cream naturally takes when it exits the fermenters at Lesaffre’s plants. Just like our compressed and crumbled yeasts, our liquid yeast is a fresh yeast. It is an effective, high-tech product.
  • Most industrial units are equipped with cleaning systems that enable the storage and dosing of liquid yeast under optimal health and safety conditions.