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The Agrauxine logo at the heart of plant nutrition and health

The new Agrauxine logo was designed to symbolize its business activities – biocontrol and biostimulation of plants – but also its strategic vision and its company values.

A new logo to evocate plant biocontrol and biostimulation

The overall shape calls to mind a growing bud, with its four leaves making a direct reference to plant life. At the center, the oval shape symbolizes micro-organisms (yeasts, fungi). The concepts of protecting plants and respecting the environment are highlighted by the ‘enveloping’ position of the leaves. It also represents openness to the market (open upper area) and growth, with its tilt reminiscent of take-off or a flower in bloom. The modern logo, with its outward-facing points, makes reference to innovation and expertise, two values at the heart of Agrauxine’s business activities. The natural green color conjures up images of plants, the environment, and innovation. The ruby red color suggests grapevines, for which Agrauxine sells one of its key products.

A baseline to consolidate our position on the plant biocontrol and biostimulation market

The ‘Lesaffre Plant Care’ baseline clearly identifies the Lesaffre group’s new position on the plant biocontrol and biostimulation market.

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