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How Lesaffre is improving animal well-being

In order to meet the needs of each client, livestock farmer, and industrial manufacturer, Lesaffre offers a full range of proven and effective nutrition solutions that improve performance and contribute to the well-being of different animal species.  Lesaffre’s concern with dairy cows led it to develop Actisaf live yeasts, probiotics that help improve animal well-being.

How does Lesaffre improve the animal welfare ? from Lesaffre on Vimeo

Increasing dairy cow production

Farmers who have cattle herds want healthy bovine capable of producing large amounts of high-quality milk.

Lesaffre’s Research and Development team focused on milk production, mainly by observing a herd in which milk production was on the rise.  So what in a cow’s diet can influence milk production?

Live yeasts at the heart of a solution for animal well-being

To answer this question, Lesaffre researchers compared the diet of the herd with high milk production to that of an ordinary herd.

The researchers noticed that the diet of the former included instant yeast.  The herd’s owner was a distributor of baking yeast and made use of his non-compliant instant yeast by feeding it to his dairy cows.

Research on probiotic yeasts and tests conducted in partnership with a veterinarian confirmed that active instant yeast significantly promotes livestock growth when used as a substitute for antibiotics.

The benefits of probiotic yeasts

Lesaffre then developed a spherical yeast suitable for granulated animal feed. Actisaf probiotic yeasts added to the dairy cow diet were shown to positively affect animal health. In fact, probiotic yeasts optimize bovine rumen function by increasing milk production and improving feed digestibility.  This reduces the risk of acidosis in cattle.

The conclusive results on cattle have allowed Lesaffre to adapt Actisaf probiotic yeasts for other animal species — like poultry, fish, and pigs.  Lesaffre has since filed a patent for Actisaf live yeasts.

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