Seminars at Lesaffre

International Integration Meetings bring Lesaffre’s new management hires together.
In addition to gaining a better understanding of the group and learning about Lesaffre’s products, these meetings also give participants the chance to get to know one another and create shared experiences.

These three-day seminars typically accommodate some 40 participants from our different subsidiaries around the world. At the seminar the managers, each with one to four years’ seniority at Lesaffre, have the opportunity to meet with Lesaffre’s top executives. Their discussions tend to focus on subjects like organization, challenges and strategy.

Institut Léon Lesaffre

Lesaffre also supports our staff through technical training applied to the company’s context and strategies. This training covers a variety of subjects, ranging from the very backbone of our industrial group (fermentation, fundamentals of yeast, and bread-making) to special functional features (finance, management and more).

These seminars and meetings offer a unique, cross-cutting opportunity for discussions between experts from different cultures and countries, creating a dynamic trend that helps to drive the company’s “knowledge capital.”

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