Add a new dimension to your career with a major group

Experienced profiles

Whether your career has evolved at Lesaffre or another company, our group can offer a multitude of professional opportunities in line with your current ambitions. Both in France and abroad, our success is founded on that of our employees.

Your fulfillment at the heart of our performance

VideoBecause a company’s success comes from a combination of interpersonal skills and functional expertise, we are engaged in an ongoing development process that allows all our team members to showcase their talents throughout their careers at Lesaffre.
Our human resources policy is intentionally ambitious and proactive. Through mentoring, training and coaching, it deploys all of the necessary tools to enable you to:

  • Effectively fulfill your duties;
  • Improve your functional expertise and your managerial and behavioral skill sets;
  • Meet your career goals.

Another example can be found in the international training programs that we have introduced to allow managers and future executives to hone their leadership skills.

Your career is in your hands at Lesaffre

International opportunities and multiple prospects for advancement are some of the advantages that can encourage your long-term professional fulfillment with the group. Longstanding employees and new recruits alike are given the freedom to be a key player in their personal career development.
Want to change your career trajectory within the group? Our Human Resources Department will work with you to build a personalized development and training plan in line with your aspirations, adaptability and professionalism, and in conjunction with opportunities at the company.

Diversity in recruitment: a recipe for excellence

At Lesaffre, our hiring process is open to diversity, in terms of profile, education, background and culture. Diversity is a valuable resource that we strive to maintain within our teams. We are dedicated to recruiting strong personalities capable of devising new ideas and bringing fresh eyes to our business lines and expertise. Your experience and personality will make a real contribution to our teams and can help the company to move forward.