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Lesaffre France : Choosing bread improvers has never been easier!

Improvers are essential to bread-making, where bread characteristics are closely linked to the methods used and the desired results. This is so true that it is sometimes difficult to find the right one. Lesaffre Solution Expert is new software that lets French bakers and pastry chefs choose the best Lesaffre improver.

Which bread improver should I use? No need to worry anymore thanks to Lesaffre Solution Expert

As an expert at controlled proofing, you want a more relaxed dough, with increased volume, more balanced stability and a better crumb…but you are unsure of which improver to use. It makes sense: making such a decision is never easy and requires the most appropriate technical solution. Let Lesaffre Solution Expert help you out!

Providing Lesaffre’s best bread improvers

Up until now, there has been no simpler, faster or more efficient way to recommend which bread improver to use. Lesaffre Solution Expert is providing a real service, through well-designed software accessible to bakers looking to make the right choice and to distributors who want to best advise their customers. Whether it is the former or the latter, this solution is much appreciated and provides the best Lesaffre improvers to the most demanding artisans.

Offering the most appropriate selection of bread improvers

Lesaffre Solution Expert is a comprehensive application that helps professionals make the right choice based on proofing method used and desired results. This one-of-a-kind software accepts very detailed requests and can meet all the expectations of professionals, by offering the most appropriate selection of Lesaffre improvers—from A to Z, all in under 3 minutes.

Three additional diagnostic assistance functions

In addition, Lesaffre Solution Expert now lets users order product samples online, find the improver best adapted to new flours available in each region of France, or make an appointment with a sales team member.

Free and accessible software dedicated to bread improvers

Accessible via, this software designed by Lesaffre is completely free and accessible anywhere, anytime, via the Internet. An Apple tablet and smartphone version is also available. The Android version is coming soon. With Lesaffre Solution Expert, bread-making can only improve!

Three questions for Alain Ricque, Northern France Regional Sales Manager

“This is the tool that was missing from the profession”

A trained baker, Alain Ricque lent his baking expertise and assisted in developing the Lesaffre Solution Expert software. He tells us more about the software that the Baking Center and Lesaffre France’s marketing and sales departments spent two years working on.

Is it all about experience when it comes to using the right bread improver?

An improver is a technical product, carefully selected for its properties and performance. This is much like how a doctor, after making a diagnosis, prescribes a drug for a desired effect. And this is why Lesaffre Solution Expert is very useful not only to craft bakers, but also to the sales teams of our distributors. The former deserve to have the top tier of our improver range, thanks to advice given in seconds.

What was paramount for you in developing this software?

Simplicity and speed! Above all, we wanted to make the technology accessible, with an intuitive and user-friendly approach. After giving some information on what they make, users just have to follow the steps in order to find the improvers they need, which are identified according to their performance indicators: a top choice, followed by a few other suggestions. “It really is the tool that was missing from the profession.”

What does this software offer in addition to a fine-tuned and accurate diagnosis?

Performance information is given on every improver recommended: bakers are not necessarily aware of all improver properties or how to choose one that combines anti-bird’s eye properties with relaxing capacity. Lesaffre Solution Expert means that all improver characteristics can be consulted on its product description, which can be downloaded from the software.

Now your turn!

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  1. Provide some information about your bakery and your production,
  2. Define your fabrication method and its characteristics,
  3. Discover the recommended improvers within the Croustilis, Relax, and Ibis ranges and compare their advantages.

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