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Dried instant yeast, a flagship invention from Lesaffre

At Lesaffre, bread making is the Group’s main activity. Our researchers therefore make it their mission to resolve the problems faced by our bakery customers and provide them with products that are ever better suited to their needs. It was because of this commitment that our colleagues in the Research & Development department developed Saf-Instant® dried instant yeast, which is now the Group’s flagship product. Let’s look back at how this yeast has transformed bakers’ lives.

Saf-Instant®, a major innovation from Lesaffre by Lesaffre on Vimeo

Before dried instant yeast…

Before the first dried instant yeast appeared on the market in 1973, dried yeasts had to be rehydrated with water to obtain a preparation that was ready for kneading. This meant that to make bread, the baker had first to prepare a mixture from a base of yeast granules and water. This was doubly inconvenient for the baker: firstly because he or she was obliged to go through a preliminary stage, and secondly because the bread did not consistently rise to the required volume.

The birth of Saf-Instant®

To address these two customer problems, our Research & Development teams, in collaboration with our Industrial department, launched a massive research project to develop and produce Lesaffre’s own dried instant yeast. There was a host of problems for the technical teams to resolve, from kneading, to extrusion, incorporation of additives, fragmentation of flakes, and drying by fluidisation. By establishing an industrial process that is continuous, reliable, stable and constant, and that guarantees drying to 5% humidity, the Lesaffre Industrial Corporation was able to release the first consignments of Saf-Instant® in 1973.

Saf-Instant®: over 40 years of prosperity for the benchmark dried instant yeast

This dried instant yeast brings ground-breaking benefits to bakers. Its instantaneousness enables them to skip the preliminary rehydration stage formerly needed to make yeast easier to work with. They now enjoy a fermentation product that is high-performing and of proven consistency. To preserve these qualities, the people at Lesaffre wisely opted for packaging that was innovative at the time: an instant-coffee-type vacuum pack in 500g format, which allows a long shelf life.

Exports of Saf-Instant® have made this high quality yeast the most widespread brand in the world today. Indeed, it is accessible to all, even in the most difficult bread making and transportation conditions.

Nearly 40 years after it was first produced industrially, Saf-Instant® still sets the standard in the world of yeast.

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