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Ennallin, the natural vanillin that meets the demand for naturalness

Vanilla: the natural scent that has become the consumer’s preferred aroma …

Nearly six centuries after its discovery by the Aztecs, vanilla has definitely conquered humanity to become the number one aroma in the world. A flavor so special that it must have a molecule: vanillin! Extra-pure Ennallin vanillin comes from natural raw materials that are carefully selected and synthesized on the basis of a natural process, which is fermentation. In line with international regulatory requirements, consumer demand for naturalness, and world production needs, this natural aromatic molecule has elevated Ennolys, a subsidiary of Lesaffre, to the status of essential partner in the market for vanilla aromas for the principal players of the food, perfume and cosmetics industries.

Ennolys: an entire workshop dedicated to Ennallin vanillin

Located near Bordeaux, Ennolys, a subsidiary of Lesaffre, specializes in the production of natural ingredients for biotechnology. This business unit includes a 65 person team dedicated to the development of the aromatic molecule leader of the complete Ennarom range: natural Ennallin vanillin. The vanillin is obtained by bioconversion of ferulic acid present in the bran of some cereals (rice, corn, wheat). After extraction and purification, the acid will be fermented with a fungus to obtain the valuable vanillin molecule “ex ferulic acid”.
Since June 2014, Ennolys has its own purification plant.  This latest generation of production facilities ensures the production of pure crystals to 99%, ultra-white uniformity and of a remarkable stability. Its fermentation site, also located in the Landes region, meanwhile, has seen its production capacity recently reinforced by the acquisition of two large volume fermenters. A quest for performance excellence equally shared by our department of Research & Development motivates Ennolys every day towards the development of new natural aromatic molecules.

Ennallin: a unique natural signature combining quality, stability and durability

Kosher and Halal certified, the natural aromatic molecule Ennallin meets the requirements for natural flavoring substances under European (EC 1334/2008) and  U.S. (according to FDA directive 101.22 (3) ) regulations. This vanilla flavor ensures at the same time both a raw material and a natural process. In contrast to the limited production capacity of natural vanilla pods, natural Ennallin vanillin embodies constant availability. Its production is not affected by climatic or local hazards (diseases, poverty, cultural obstacles) while its cost remains fixed and attractive. This biotechnological vanillin benefits moreover from a stable aromatic profile, underscored by unparalleled Lesaffre expertise in natural fermentation.  Sustainable development requirements, consumer demand for naturalness, industrial cost constraints and the high standards of flavorists … The natural flavor Ennallin fulfills all of these conditions and offers an alternative choice to provide a natural label to finished products from the food, perfume and cosmetics industries.

The background scent and the full-rounded flavor of a natural vanillin for use in manufacturing

Ennallin is a natural aromatic molecule with a dominant vanilla note accompanied by milk and almond-like keys and a soft and powdery facet.
Used alone or in formulation, while providing background and rounded flavor, Ennallin meets the expectations of flavorists and food manufacturers. This natural vanillin is, indeed, able not only to perfect the aroma’s behavior and length in the mouth but also to break the acidity or mask the bitterness of certain food components.
Baking is a key development focus for Ennallin. Ennolys works closely with the Lesaffre Baking Center ™, a source of substantial know-how in « finished flavor” applications.  This cooperation facilitates operational solutions specifically developed for the benefit of professionals in the bakery such as suggestions on dosage :  mix diluted vanillin with support,  adjust the ratio of vanillin/acetoin in this way, etc.  The tests conducted proved very conclusive as to the production of madeleines with a dosage of 0.4% and buns with a 50 to 100 ppm dosage, evaluations that allow sugar intake to be reduced by 30%.
This natural flavor fits perfectly into the following different food matrices:
• dairy products (ice cream, yogurt …)
• chocolate,
• beverages (in particular alcohol)
• specialized dietary products for sports or weight-loss,
• Baby-Food Products …
Beyond food, Ennallin also arouses the interest of perfume and cosmetic producers of  indigestible products such as  lipstick, lip balms,  and toothpastes … Advanced parallel research is underway in the field of nutraceuticals and functional foods .





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