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Ennolys’ natural aroma set to conquest the international market

Based in Soustons in south-west France, Ennolys is developing an extensive range of natural aromatic molecules, including vanillin, which it produces naturally by fermentation. The company now hopes to become an international benchmark. As part of a 20-million euro long-term investment programme, this Friday 22 April 2016 the business will unveil its new industrial tools in the presence of Lesaffre CEO Antoine Baule and Ennolys General Manager Bernard Azaïs.

The Lesaffre business unit based at Soustons, in France is boosting its production capacities with innovative new developments

The new equipment will set Ennolys on its way to achieving its ambitions for growth and enhanced production autonomy. All of the business’ activities will be ramped up, with Ennatech for toll manufacturing, Ennarom for natural flavour production and Ennalin for vanillin.

New fermenters and a drying workshop

Two new fermenters have recently been added to the existing set up in the second quarter of 2016, increasing Ennolys’ production capacity and supporting not only its own growth strategy, but that of the other Lesaffre entities it supplies.

The business can now employ a new bacteria freeze-drying technique thanks to the drying workshop’s 30m² freeze dryer. Commissioned at the end of 2015, among other things it produces ingredients for Lesaffre Human Care (LHC), Lesaffre’s subsidiary dedicated to human health.

20 jobs created in the south-west region

Ennolys is investing in new industrial tools and recruiting new staff to sustain this momentum. The company has bolstered its sales, marketing, IT and technical teams with 20 new recruits in just 18 months.

A flagship product: bran rice-based vanillin

With its white crystals and rich and creamy vanilla profile, vanillin is one of Ennolys’ flagship products. Produced naturally by fermenting an ingredient derived from whole rice bran, vanillin’s popularity has grown considerably over the years and it now has many uses in the food-processing industry. Present in dairy products, ice cream, chocolate and some alcoholic beverages, this product has made Ennolys a leading market player, particularly in the food-processing industry.

A sourdough centre of expertise

Sourdough is a natural ingredient that improves the quality of bread, it is a powerful tool to flavor bread products. Lesaffre has developed a unique range to suit the needs of bakers, customize flavor profiles breads and seduce the senses of consumers. Indeed Crème de Levain, the only active living sourdough in liquid form to guarantee biomass, is an innovation developed and patented by Lesaffre, and produced at Ennolys.


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