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Ennolys optimizes its waste management

Extension of the treatment plant, development of the waste storage area, reduction of transport and waste handling… Ennolys optimizes its waste management, especially in anticipation of the future extension of the fermentation workshop.

With the increase of production capacity, the environmental impacts of the site should be taken into consideration. Vanillin production is generating waste that has up until now been sent for energy recovery (replacing conventional fuel) at a subcontractor site. Now this waste will be handled internally, it will be distilled in the extension of the vanillin workshop, after which 90% will be degradable in our wastewater treatment plant. The remaining 10% of solvent will be sent to a subcontractor for regeneration. To take responsibility for this waste and future extensions of the fermentation workshop, the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant will be doubled, from a 7 500 population equivalent to a 15 000 population equivalent. For this purpose a 750 m3 pool will be installed near the first 2.

Ennolys is also developing a waste storage area so that it can be managed more efficiently and safely. The area will be located to the northeast of the site, it will bring together, in dedicated zones all waste generated by the site, as well as empty packaging awaiting cleaning and returnable packaging. A 40m3 tank will handle all liquid waste containing alcohols or esters. In this manner, we can greatly reduce the transport and handling of waste containers on the site. A pumping area with built in retention and under fire protection will allow tankers to safely empty this tank.

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