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The vanillin of Ennolys or how to reduce the sugar rate in bakery and pastry products

Ennolys, our business unit dedicated to biotechnologies (natural aromatic molecules and fermentation) developed a vanillin allowing our clients to reduce the sugar rate in their industrial bakery and pastry products.

The vanillin, an aroma of different origins

The vanillin is an aroma very often used in bakery and pastry products. On the contrary of other natural aromatic molecules, it has the particularity to be able to be put directly in any kind of preparation. The vanillin can be obtained via different ways:

  • extracted directly from the vanilla bean (natural aroma)
  • produced by the natural process of fermentation
  • synthetized (synthesis aroma)

To meet the consumers’ demands of naturalness, Ennolys developed Ennallin, a natural aromatic molecule for vanillin.

Ennallin, a natural aromatic molecule of quality

Ennolys therefore developed a natural molecule which doesn’t come from the vanilla bean. This aroma is obtained by the fermentation of cereals like rice bran. Unlike the one extracted from the bean, this aroma is constant in time because it doesn’t depend on the climate. Moreover, this material is renewable and natural. This aromatic molecule of Ennolys has been stated as “natural” by the European regulation.

A sugar substitute for industrials

In collaboration with our Baking Center, Ennolys developed applications for its natural aroma in bakery and pastry products. Therefore it has been proven that the vanillin of Ennolys enabled the reduction of 30% of sugar rate in a brioche (loaf), and so, without giving it the vanilla flavor, just by incorporating a small quantity (100pm) in its preparation.

This is the same for vanilla madeleine: only 0.4% of vanillin is enough to get an intense flavor of vanilla. Usable in small quantities, this natural aromatic molecule is therefore interesting for industrials of bakery and pastry which are willing to reduce sugar in their preparations. Ennolys offers also a mix made with natural vanillin with a buttery and vanilla profile. This mix applied in bakery and pastry allows industrials to get a buttery flavor without having to use a lot of fats in their preparations. Thus it can also be an advantage for industrials which can reduce fats in their products without sacrificing their taste.


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