Partnering with a subcontractor for custom industrial fermentation

Custom industrial fermentation subcontractor

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To satisfy the industrial transfer requirements of the agri-food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, Lesaffre offers a line of subcontracted custom fermentation and research services that benefit from the group’s solid experience in microbial fermentation and biotechnology, as well as from the multidisciplinary skill sets of a team of specialists. When combined with the performance of a flexible, multifunctional production tool, those skills guarantee optimal conditions for guiding the progress of our clients’ industrial fermentation process.

Toll manufacturing service, from lab to industrialization

Pharmacy, cosmetics, agri-foodstuffs, nutraceuticals, construction, the environment, and more: many industrialists require industrial fermentation processes but do not have their own human and material resources. In response to this need, Lesaffre provides access to our resources via a subcontracted service specializing in custom fermentation. From product development in the lab to industrialization, by way of the pilot stage, this dedicated team supports clients thanks to a range of à la carte services: research and development contracts, feasibility testing, custom subcontracting, and more. This tailor-made fermentation service utilizes all of Lesaffre’s expertise in developing natural ingredients through microbiological methods (bacteria, fungi, yeasts, lactic acid fermentation etc.). It is also enriched by the skills of fermentation specialists and cutting-edge technological facilities.

A flexible tool for the production of custom molecules

Lesaffre’s extremely adaptable industrial fermenters are used to produce a broad array of tailor-made molecules: probiotic molecules, biotechnological medications, cosmetic active ingredients, and the list goes on. Working on the basis of our clients’ raw materials and technologies, Lesaffre develops processes in line with the technical, economic and environmental constraints of their different scopes. Our R&D teams (of microbiologists, biotechnologists, chemists, biochemists and more) and production teams enjoy highly technical equipment capable of satisfying our clients’ widely varying needs:

  • effective analytical equipment;
  • 1L to 50 m3 vats;
  • aerobic and anaerobic fermentation;
  • post-treatment processes.

In addition to the use of our biofermenters, Lesaffre also offers solvent extraction, distillation, freeze-drying and other services.

Setting our sights on excellence

Lesaffre’s industrial fermentation toll manufacturer activity has been certified ISO 9001:2000 since 2006. To meet the highest level of industrial requirements, our Quality Control Department’s policy focuses on current standards in our different business domains, such as pharmaceutical GMPs. Our team’s other duties include managing the culture collection and conducting microbiological and physico-chemical analyses, to ensure the flawless quality of Lesaffre’s products and effluents.