Human and industrial capital at the cutting edge of technology

Industrial know-how

Thanks to skills and knowledge enriched over the course of 165 years of experience, Lesaffre can offer its clients unparalleled expertise in every form of yeast manufacturing and processing. At the heart of this are our production activities served by more than 10,700 employees working at some 69 industrial facilities. Each day, thousands of tons of yeasts leave Lesaffre’s plants to be distributed to the four corners of the world. These yeasts are technically advanced and of the highest quality, as well as being respectful of the environment and of the people that produce them.

Yeast culture

In less than two days, we can multiply a microorganism weighing just a few micrograms into several hundred pounds of yeast that is ready to serve the world’s industrial needs! This fact is an illustration of Lesaffre’s level of expertise in fermentation. From the lab to our industrial tanks, our specialists keep a watchful eye to ensure that those living cells enjoy conditions conducive to their multiplication, whether on a pilot or industrial scale. This attention guarantees the output of a quality yeast product with high added value.

Capacity worthy of a modern, diversified production operation

Lesaffre has some 69 industrial sites around the world, led by the Marcq-en-Barœul plant in the north of France, our largest dry yeast production unit. These high-tech industrial resources ensure that we have flexible processes that allow the group to produce a wide range of liquid, fresh and dry fermentation products: yeasts, yeast extracts, sour doughs, fortified nutritional yeasts, probiotics, enzymes, bacteria, natural aromatic molecules, and the list goes on.

Perfectly controlled technology, from start to finish

Bread-making, human and animal food, brewing, œnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biofuels and more: regardless of its field of application, each Lesaffre yeast is the fruit of highly-advanced technical expertise that can be seen all along the production chain, from the development of strains to the engineering of our facilities. Wherever they may be, Lesaffre’s industrial departments all share the same culture of excellence and stringency: application of regulatory standards in terms of product traceability, health and safety requirements, quality controls, etc. Each of these provisions is a guarantee of the impeccable quality, stability and powerful fermentation of Lesaffre yeasts and yeast by-products.

Flexibility in the face of change

With our competitive, perpetually-changing markets, the ability to innovate and adapt our products, technologies, production tool management and diversity of raw materials has always been of vital importance to Lesaffre. For example, although sugar beet molasses and sugar cane molasses remain the traditional substrates of fermentation, some of our plants are also able to use industrial syrups or starch hydrolysates as their sole carbon source, while maintaining a final yeast quality that meets our clients’ needs.

Industrial know-how
Industrial know-how