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Lesaffre’s expertise in drying has helped to raise the company to the rank of leading European food ingredient subcontractor. Producers and distributors wishing to put their food (human and animal nutrition), nutraceutical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic ingredients into powder form have access to a broad range of drying technologies through Lesaffre’s services: spray-drying, vacuum-drying, granulation, micro encapsulation, and more. They can also obtain quality end-to-end industrial production support.


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Multiple industrial drying technologies

Through our mastery of the various drying techniques (spray-drying, vacuum-drying, granulation and micro encapsulation), Lesaffre has proven to be one of the rare European specialists capable of optimized dehydration processing of raw materials that are considered to be very difficult. Our current portfolio covers drying operations for hundreds of different products:

  • flavors;
  • natural coloring;
  • protein hydrolysates;
  • plant extracts;
  • enzymes;
  • sweet products for coating;
  • etc.

Lesaffre’s services extend from powder formulation to industrial production, by way of pilot drying trials. They also include additional services like pre-drying treatments (reactions, blends, homogenization, etc.), powder blends, and custom packaging in small packets.

Excellent industrial equipment for spraying ingredients

Lesaffre’s spray-drying business makes the most of synergism between its two industrial sites in Europe. Based in France and Poland, the sites house a combined total of no fewer than 16 drying towers, as well as a vacuum-belt drier. These units are equipped with unparalleled industrial and pilot resources that enable them to produce anything from a few grams to several hundred tons of dried goods. When combined with this cutting-edge industrial equipment, Lesaffre’s expertise in custom industrial dryers helps manufacturers achieve their development goals in their market segments (foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, etc.), as well as benefiting those of the group’s internal business units.

A research center that supports drying process development projects

Lesaffre’s industrial food drying R&D team works at a research center equipped with high-level technological life sciences equipment, including a lab spray drying technology, water activity meter, spectrophotometer, scanning electron microscope (SEM) and more. This coupling of talent and high-performance resources allows Lesaffre to engage in co-developments with our clients, as the fruit of a global support service: elaboration of pre-drying formulas, powder characterization (hygroscopicity, particle size profile, particle structure, solubility, compressibility, etc.), and choice of encapsulation matrix or formulation supports.

Lesaffre’s custom drying work for powder development projects is carried out by a specialized business unit.