Sales policy : closer to clients for a further-reaching vision

Marketing and commercial

Lesaffre has grown alongside its clients, developing a presence abroad and becoming a reference in the fields of yeasts and fermentation products for bread-making, taste and pleasure in food, health and nutrition, and biotechnology. The group was built around a sales policy whose cornerstones are attentiveness, availability and proximity, and around a strongly partnership-oriented approach.

Wherever Lesaffre’s clients are located, and whether they are artisans or industrialists, they can count on functionally-attuned points of contact who are well-informed about their expectations, the latest technical tools for stimulating innovation, field support that fosters the transfer from project to product, and much, much more. Lesaffre’s uniquely adaptable local, multicultural teams are dedicated to serving clients in their pursuit of competitive strength and new markets.

Business relationships based on partnerships

Quality relationships are one of the keys to the success of the group’s projects. Rather than traditional client-supplier relationships, Lesaffre prefers to establish relationships of trust that place a priority on collaboration. The group makes use of this partner-centric mindset to support its clients’ growth in their markets, on every continent around the world. For Lesaffre, being a partner means adopting an approach that aims to:

  • Listen to and understand its clients’ expectations, and anticipate development needs and how international markets will evolve;
  • Run product/process co-development projects with clients;
  • Have as close a presence to clients as possible, thanks to a densely-woven network of facilities and operations in more than 180 countries;
  • Meet clients’ quality, cost and time expectations.

To develop optimal responsiveness to new market requirements and client requests, Lesaffre continuously adapts and improves its industrial machinery. The group now has 69 cutting-edge production sites around the world, based in its clients’ geographic areas, allowing it to offer them top-quality products.

Sales and technical teams providing local service

Lesaffre’s sales organization is structured to be able to offer clients not only the expertise and industrial machinery of a global group that is a reference in the field of yeasts and yeast extracts, but also a local service that is as closely aligned to their needs as possible. The Sales & Marketing Department, national subsidiaries, business units and sales teams exchange and interact on a daily basis, to perfect this personalized approach to meeting customer expectations.
Lesaffre’s support can also involve sending its technical teams out into the field, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. These teams work directly on client sites, guiding them in their equipment choices and adjusting manufacturing parameters to optimize the shift from pilot phase to industrial phase.
The diversity of nationalities and cultures that forms Lesaffre’s teams, as well as their proficiency in national native languages, are assets that foster mutual understanding and heightened effectiveness.

A forward-looking vision for collective undertakings

The global network of Baking Center™ and Culinary Center created by Lesaffre is one illustration of the added value that makes the group’s commercial approach stand out from the rest. This high-level technical support encourages the pooling and transmission of knowledge, a process that is of vital importance at Lesaffre.
To nurture its joint projects, the group gives its clients access to its functional experts and tools: experimental kitchens dedicated to formulating new yeast products, developing new processes and optimizing its clients’ recipes, laboratories that evaluate the sensory quality of products and applications, an observatory that monitors technological and scientific developments, market trends, and the list goes on.

Attentiveness to clients and consumers

By setting up operations around the world, located as close as possible to consumer pools, Lesaffre has established deep ties with regional practices and has thus been able to assimilate cultural differences. The company has developed in-depth knowledge of each country’s distinctive features and modes of consumption, which is vital to the development of new yeast-derived fermentation solutions adapted to local expectations.

Visiting client sites also allows Lesaffre to study their production modes and gain a firm understanding of their technical constraints, climate-related issues, and so on. This local dimension is doubly decisive: in terms of optimizing manufacturer competitiveness, but also in developing operational solutions that are aligned with consumers’ changing expectations when it comes to products and services.