Research and development : planning today for the needs of tomorrow

innover pour demain

Lesaffre’s R&D Department is a breeding ground for future-oriented talent. Our multidisciplinary specialists use their technical and scientific expertise to translate the needs of clientele from every business sector into inventive, effective solutions. Our group has some 100 patents, illustrating our proactive innovation strategy and our active industrial property policy, both of which are key to our group’s success.

The missions defined for Lesaffre’s Research and Development division – improve the quality of existing manufacturing processes and formulas, design new growth products, develop fields of application for yeasts and their by-products, and promote Lesaffre’s portfolio in emerging fields – make it an engine for growth and a pillar of the group’s reputation.

Multidisciplinary skills serving our clients and innovation

From initial exploratory lab work to applied developments defined in partnership with our clients, the teams at Lesaffre employ their skills in the following areas:

  • Microbiology;
  • Biochemistry and metabolic engineering;
  • Genetics and genomics;
  • Biotech process engineering;
  • Separation process engineering;
  • Analytical sciences;
  • Microorganism stabilization and conditioning
  • Bacteria

The mission of these multidisciplinary teams, working together in centers of excellence and organized within our corporate R&D department, is to speed up the development of innovative products and solutions and their release to market. Their work spans a broad spectrum of domains: bread-making, food taste and pleasure, health care and biotechnologies.

Biotech Center life sciences cluster

The Biotech Center occupies a central place within the Lesaffre Research and Development Department. With teams specializing in biochemistry, metabolic engineering, genetics, microbiology and analytical sciences, this department provides significant expertise and technical resources that enable the fulfillment of all of our programs working to develop, select and characterize new strains of microorganisms for our group’s different business lines.

Lesaffre Puri Center technological platform

The Lesaffre Puri Center testing platform is open to the entire group and dedicated wholly to innovation. Its purpose is to offer our clients solutions that meet their needs, however specific these may be, including :

  • new products
  • processes
  • technologies, from the concept phase to the pilot level

The platform has pilot equipment for separation process engineering, plus a multitude of cutting-edge analytical equipment, which allow it to characterize new and interesting molecules and their modes of action.
In addition, through its pursuit of optimal added value, the Lesaffre Puri Center also works to fulfill needs in terms of yeast substrate purification and co-product development. Today, this purification platform is an important component for the group’s growth engines.

The bacteria unit: a platform dedicated to nutrition and health

Officially opened in 2017, the purpose of this new unit is to intensify research into bacteria and further develop the Group’s expertise in this field.

This bacteria unit makes it possible to improve the Group’s scientific and technical skills in order to identify bacteria of interest to the company and to propose innovative health and nutrition products.