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Fermentis logo has had a makeover!

After reworking the Fermentis brand architecture in 2014, the BU now has a new logo that fits perfectly with Fermentis’s new strategic direction and its vision to “(be) the obvious choice for beverages fermentation”.

A brand identity enhanced for the beverages fermentation specialist

A strong corporate and umbrella logo, this new visual identity unites all Fermentis products aimed at the fermented drinks sector.
A descendant of the previous logo, Fermentis has added to its symbolism to highlight all of the brand’s applications and values:

  • Taste and pleasure
  • Life
  • Creativity & innovation
  • Product: yeast and yeast products and their form (liquid, fluid, fizzy)
  • Industry: fermented drinks and its business sectors (beer, wine, spirits and other fermented drinks)
  • Future, vision and perspective

To capitalize on change and innovation, this new visual identity will be rolled out on product lines as well as on all sales communication formats (web sites, product guides, brochures, invoices, etc.).

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