Our CSR strategy : Daily challenges and commitments

Corporate social responsability

One of the group’s core commitments is to run a business that is respectful of the planet and humankind, while still remaining economically profitable. Although Lesaffre does not make a fuss about it, our company is very active in this domain, applying the concept of sustainable development to every continent around the world. In addition, these are all the activities of the group which tend to a unique goal : Better nourish and protect the planet.

Protecting the planet together

The environment accounts for 15% of our industrial spending and, each time we build a new factory, we dedicate 20% to 30% of our investments to environmental protection. Using recycling and co-product development in production, optimizing water consumption and encouraging energy savings are all actions that contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem. In the interest of respectfully integrating our business with the environment, Lesaffre employs scientific experts in developing by-products and reprocessing effluents.

Working to grow human capital

Since its creation, Lesaffre has understood that its people are the linchpin of its success and has been committed to fostering respect and fulfillment among its employees, throughout their time at the company. As a result, experience-sharing, dialogue, diversity and the encouragement of initiative are all characteristic of the group. And at our subsidiaries in China, Morocco, Argentina and elsewhere, Lesaffre again distinguishes itself through the many field initiatives that aim to improve the local populations’ standards of living. Lastly, our ethics strategy is an integral part of our culture, today taking the form of a behavioral charter that was the result of collective discussions and our responsible practice beliefs.

Sharing and promoting our good practices

In a fast-changing environment, Lesaffre needs to maintain its high ambitions and improve its sustainability actions on a daily basis. With this in mind, each of our 10,700 employees proactively share their good environmental, social and economic practices, particularly during our internal Corporate Social Responsibility Awards, held every other year. More than 50 long-term initiatives can testify to Lesaffre’s commitment to living our shared motto: “Working together to better nourish and protect the planet.”