Committing to handle our environmental responsibility

Committing to handle our environmental responsibility

Lesaffre is committed to showcasing the investment of its three subsidiaries Lesaffre Polska, Lesaffre Argentina and Ennolys, which have drawn on the ISO 14001 standard to introduce a comprehensive environmental policy.

We take a look at Ennolys, which was certified for the third time in October 2015…

Located in Soustons (France), Ennolys has renowned know-how in the contract production of natural ingredients using biotechnology and develops a huge range of natural aromatic substances, including vanillin. In 2008, Ennolys began introducing an environmental management system to demonstrate its ability to ascertain its environmental impacts.

Precise environmental analysis

In addition to the involvement of management, all of the departments were involved in tracking environmental indicators in each of the processes, whether concerning administration, production or maintenance.

One of the key achievements of managing the facilities in terms of environmental impacts was a 30% reduction in water consumption between 2007 and 2015. All of the new projects (new drying facility, installation of two new fermenters in 2015) integrated the same rationale by design and are the subject of a risk study.

Committed to a continual improvement process, the company has an advanced regulatory monitoring system, with more than 300 texts integrated, and is able to demonstrate its compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Train and cooperate

Located at the heart of a tourist region, Ennolys continues to improve its relations with the surrounding area through a process that enables it to quickly respond to any concerns. Various investments (see inset) have limited noise and odours in the immediate surroundings. This has resulted in a decline in complaints from the local area from 27 in 2007 to 0 in 2015.

Achieved through teamwork, the ISO 14001 certification unites the personnel around a shared project and improves Ennolys’ image in its customers’ eyes.

Benefits for stakeholders

Maintain good relations with the local area and continually improve them:

  • By limiting the noise caused by the facilities by soundproofing the premises and installing silencers on the fermenter air vents and other installations
  • By reducing odours via the installation of active carbon filters
  • Assure Ennolys’ customers that improvement measures are being made to address the environmental impact
  • Reassure the supervisory authorities (DREAL) that environmental regulation is being taken into account