Innovating to enhance crop nutrition and protection

Innovating to enhance crop nutrition and protection

Lesaffre Italia wanted to optimise the management of waste from its yeast production process. By recycling its yeast-derived products, the Italian subsidiary created a range of natural and innovative products aimed at farming and crop cultivation in particular.

Lesaffre helps its yeast-derived products return to the soil

Lesaffre Italia is guided by one philosophy: all of its yeast-derived products must be reused and converted into raw materials. Using its expertise in converting sludge from the water treatment plant, it developed a range of completely natural fertilisers called “Ecolution”.

Benefits of the Ecolution fertiliser range:

  • Eliminate the cost of waste treatment
  • Create products that enable a reduction in the use of chemical products in farming

Thanks to the know-how of the team at Lesaffre Italia and Group R&D, the subsidiary developed Ecoeffect, a completely natural biostimulant made from compost tea and renowned in organic farming. This product enhances plant growth and protection.

What is compost tea?

Compost tea is a fermented liquid made from compost in the presence of oxygen. It contains both soluble nutritional ingredients and live micro-organisms.

Unlike traditional compost, compost tea can be sprayed on crops or used as a pulp to soak into soil or a substrate. It provides growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms to enhance growth and prevent disease in plants.