Innovating to reduce packaging

Innovating to reduce packaging

Waste prevention is one of today’s key issues in protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. To help its customers reduce waste, SIL Fala, a Strasbourg-based subsidiary, has been innovating since 2010 to produce so-called cardboard-less compressed yeast.

Cardboard-less yeast, a patented product, is a minor revolution on the yeast market.

Gone is the packaging paper, leaving the bars of yeast in direct contact with the cellophane, which promotes balanced gas exchanges. Instead of the cardboard packaging, a plastic heat-shrink film provides protection. Meanwhile, load distribution is carefully designed to ensure the palettes are stable during transportation.

As well as providing optimal preservation by distributing cold at the centre of the palette, this packaging, developed with the help of Group R&D, ensures:

  • Placement on the palette designed to prevent crushing of loads at the base
  • Good resistance to tipping and vibrations during transportation of the yeast, which is known for its crumbly consistency
  • Maintenance of the right level of humidity and optimal consistency of the yeast
  • Preserved fermentation power of the yeast and microbiological quality

Benefits for stakeholders:

For customers:

  • Time savings and more practical unpacking operations
  • Reduction in waste, leading to a reduction of recycling costs
  • Easier detection of foreign bodies in doughs

For employees:

  • Improved safety at work thanks to a reduction in cardboard dust in packaging workshops