Recycling biomass to produce environmentally friendly steam

Recycling biomass to produce environmentally friendly steam

The Polish subsidiary Lesaffre Polska has equipped its site with a biomass boiler to use green energy to produce steam ecologically and economically for its own needs.

Since March 2012, the biomass boiler at the Wolczyn plant has been producing a source of renewable energy. Today, more than 70% of the site’s steam requirements are covered by renewable resources.

This enables the site to be partially energy-independent and produce a cheaper form of power.

Sourcing locally

The plant has a farm that grows crops used to both recycle wastewater, by utilising its fertilising power, and produce energy crops used as biomass to power the boiler. However, this is not enough, which is why the Polish subsidiary decided to directly support the local economy by recycling local resources.

Lesaffre Polska uses five regular suppliers located less than 30 km from the site. They provide by-products from sawmill activities (a mixture of wood and derivatives). As well as providing additional biomass, purchasing these shavings helps to create jobs in the region.

Through this process, Lesaffre Polska aims to help optimise its carbon footprint and support the energy transition being encouraged around the world.