Recycling fertilisers packaging

Because the future of product packaging is a priority, Lesaffre Argentina has committed to the Agrolimpio Programme, the aim of which is to recycle and give a second life to plastic packaging.

The South American subsidiary of Lesaffre converts its yeast-derived products into fertilisers and markets them under the fertiliser brand Smarter, including the flagship product Smartfoil.

Intended for foliar application, Smartfoil has three benefits: it is an organic, complete and sustainable
fertiliser. Very popular with farmers, it is sold in 20-litre plastic containers.

About the Agrolimpio programme

To include the packaging of its fertilisers in a waste-free production cycle, Lesaffre Argentina has formed a local partnership with Iscamen (Institute of Health and Agricultural Quality of Mendoza), which from 2004 developed the Agrolimpio programme on the processing and recycling of plastic containers.

Through this programme, the Institute works with distributors to collect customers’ plastic containers, which it recycles and converts.

Turning waste into a resource

Washed, compacted and converted into plastic discs, the packaging is then given a new lease of life in the form of tables, decorative materials and signs. Today, 20% of the profits generated by the recycling of plastic materials goes to foundations.

Key figures

  • A long-term programme running for the last 7 years
  • 100% of distributors in the region promote the programme
  • More than 2,500 plastic containers recycled every year